Malignant narcissists practice black magic.


This is a really powerful video by Smakintosh of Gospel Underground, who was the scapegoat and “black sheep” of his own family but because of that, is also the only one in his family who can see the truth about what their agenda really is.

I love listening to him speak, because you can tell he really feels what he is saying. He does because he’s lived it.

If your entire family has turned against you, it’s probably because one or sometimes two malignant narcissists have used cunning and deception to gaslight you and project their own evil onto you, while making themselves seem blameless and sometimes even getting others to believe YOU are the abuser and THEY are the victim. It’s a kind of sleight of hand or black magic they practice, even if they’re not aware they’re practicing it, that puts others under a powerful spell and holds them in thrall to the narcissist who has targeted you.

You may also have come to believe their lies that you are stupid, crazy, a loser, evil, abusive, or anything else that’s been projected onto you. You were the sacrificial lamb in their rite of deception.

You have been targeted because you–unlike the other non-targeted family members (or other members of a group) who are either flying monkeys or enable the narcissist–possess the ability to see the truth through the narcissist’s lies. They hate and fear that and that’s why they hate and fear you. They must diminish you and make you look bad and they are very skilled at convincing others what they say is true and you are the liar and sometimes even the abuser. They are very good at turning people against you so no one will believe you.

If someone is the black sheep of their family, or has been scapegoated or disowned, suspect a malignant narcissist in the background who’s succeeded in turning everyone against them.

The movie “Mommie Dearest” tells the story of how Joan Crawford targeted her daughter Christina and abused her for years, because Christina was able to see the empty void underneath her mother’s glamorous, “perfect” image. Ultimately, she was left out of the will and not in contact with anyone in the family except her brother Christopher (who was also scapegoated). At some point I’ll be writing up a review of the film.

The same sort of deception can be used to turn an entire community or even a nation against what is right and good, by just one or two evil people and their flying monkeys. Hitler’s Germany is a perfect example.


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  1. The graphic is amazing on this article. And the black sheep rarely survives the abuse, because they actually believe they are stupid and crazy.

    But with the information out there on Narcisism, the victims of Narcissistic abuse have an understanding that the other members of the family are scared of being the black sheep.

    You see this happen on the job too. There is always a token. A person who is bullied or labeled as the incompetent worker by a few peers. But take a good look at the bullies in a workforce, and you will notice it is they who actually skapegoat work by taking the focus off them.

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    • It really is, isn’t it? He’s very good. You should subscribe to his Youtube channel. He does talk from a biblical perspective, but there’s tons of wisdom even if you’re a nonbeliever. I really think works DO matter, and that’s what he’s basically saying.

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    • What a horrible thing to say! Mine isn’t that direct but I always hear what a loser or how crazy I am from other family members. I’ve decided to ignore it but it still hurts.

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      • I think you might have misunderstood. I was talking about the guy in the video. He said at one point during his monologue about malignant narcissists that there’s no one in your corner in the family.

        I remember feeling like that so intensely when we were taking care of my dad while he was terminally ill. It was awful and it was exactly what was going on. I was the one to walk all over, scream at, call selfish and just be plain nasty to.

        My family can be direct, indirect, covert, overt and insidious. I don’t talk to my family anymore, despite some attempts from them at getting me to interact.

        Sorry my previous comment was a bit out of context there. I hope this clears it up.

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    • Like he said in the video, there was no one else in my corner in my entire extended family. Since I was 14 years old I have been the lone scapegoat, shunned, put down, and gossiped about, by everyone in my family. This was my life, until May of 2011, when my mother sent me a 62 page hate letter full of distorted half truths and outright lies, telling me everything that was ever “wrong” with me in my entire life. She then compounded the hurt by giving copies of her horrible letter to others in my family.

      But my mother’s letter had the opposite of its intended effect on one of my cousins. My cousin Lainey, an RN with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, who had known my mother, her aunt, all of her life, called me and told me that “it would explain everything” if my mother had Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      For the first time in my life I had someone in my family who was in my corner! Finally, a blood relative saw the truth about my abusive momster! Even though I was still devastated by my mother’s latest hate campaign, the relief of finally having a blood relative see the truth about my mother’s abuse was better than winning a mega million dollar lottery.

      My cousin and I made plans to get together within the next two weeks to celebrate her birthday. But four days after she told me that she believed my mother was a narcissist, my precious cousin Lainey drowned. She drowned in water that wouldn’t come up as high as her shoulder if she stood in the deepest end.

      I still can’t understand or accept that my sweet cousin Lainey is gone. Did my mother’s evil somehow cause that to happen? It doesn’t make any sense. How would that even be possible? All I know is that I had one relative in my corner — for only four days.

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      • Wow…I had no idea and that is horrible for you but at least you had a blood relative who also saw the truth. In my case it’s my kids. I feel blessed that way. Somehow they were spared from being tainted by the lies. But for a long time, he almost had them, especially my daughter. I could go on about this but I have to be careful here.

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  2. I thank God that I come from a small family, with parents who don’t belong to any church, with extended family a thousand miles away. Yes, my dad bewitched us all. I was only partially awakened when I accepted the Lord, and awakened more as my dad began to lose his mental accuity and more of his health. This video and blog has helped me to understand the strength of his inflence over my mom and sister, even after he has been dead 5 months.

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