Insanity is our new normal: the rise of the Christian Taliban.


Scene from Hulu’s version of The Handmaid’s Tale


Something I’ve been saying a lot lately is that there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory anymore.   That’s because America has gone insane and all the crazy tin-foil hat theories we might have scoffed at ten or twenty or even just five years ago are actually happening right now.

One of them is the rise of the “Christian Taliban” a/k/a Christian Reconstructionism and Christian Dominionism.

The following excellent and well-researched article defines in great detail what this dangerous and ungodly cult believes and what it plans to do here in America — and it’s succeeding.  It’s a long article but definitely worth reading to the end.

Dominionism Rising:  A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight

The takeover of the Republican party by Christian Dominionists and Reconstructionists is very scary and very real.  They believe that certain Christians (the “elect”) are ordained by God to take “dominion” over America; this belief is based on the Genesis story where God told Adam and Eve to “take dominion” over the earth and “subdue it.”  To them, “subduing the earth” means exploiting it unsustainably (because God will clean up the mess).  They think that those who believe that subduing the earth means sustainable stewardship are showing a lack of faith in God’s ability to replenish what humans take from it (their attitude is analogous to the arrogance of teenagers who trash the house after a party and expect their parents to clean it up as opposed to responsibly cleaning up their own mess).

Their goal is complete control and a replacement of our Constitution with Old Testament Biblical law, complete with harsh capital punishments for countless offenses and sins. Women would return to being chattel and having no rights. Gay people and non-believers and many others who don’t conform to the forced regime could be stoned to death (as they did in the Old Testament) or otherwise eliminated.   The teaching of science (especially evolution) would be banned and public education would be eliminated.   Birth control would most likely be outlawed and abortion could carry a death penalty.   Higher education would be discouraged, especially for women.  Critical thinking of any kind would not be allowed.  In a fascist, totalitarian theocracy, you can control your subjects much better if they are unable to think for themselves.     

This is no exaggeration. There are a number of Dominionists/Reconstructionists high up in the Republican party right now.   Ted Cruz is one of the most famous.   So is Mike Pence.   And that’s just for starters.    Their brand of Christianity is the American version of Sharia Law. The sort of oppressive, authoritarian society described in the 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale could actually become reality here.  


These people have great wealth and influence and know how to infiltrate politics at every level and get politicians to do their bidding.   It’s very possible they could succeed.   They believe that Trump, though not particularly religious himself (most of these Dominionist types are well aware of his sinful lifestyle and lack of repentance) has nevertheless been appointed by God as a sort of “wrecking ball” with the intention of destroying our democratic institutions and democracy itself as we know it, to make way for the totalitarian theocracy they believe God wants installed in America before he will allow Jesus to return.  These people compare Trump’s rise to power to King Cyrus of Persia in the Old Testament.   These Puritan-like Calvinists believe that it is their moral duty to take from the poor, disabled and other vulnerable people and give to the already wealthy because they are God’s chosen people (according to their Calvinist beliefs, their wealth and power means that God favors them).   They also believe that slavery is “benevolent” — the leader of the Dominionist movement, R. J. Rushdoony, actually said that “some people are born to be slaves.”

This ugly and hateful theology is NOT real Christianity and is in fact alien to anything taught by Christ and is the polar opposite of His message of love and compassion for the “least among us” in the Sermon on the Mount.   Their dreamed of theocracy is all about control and power by a wealthy few and the subjugation, suffering, oppression, and death of the masses.   In their Orwellian way of twisting the meaning of words to their own benefit, “religious freedom” to them means not the freedom to worship as you choose, but the freedom to oppress and punish others who worship differently than you do.  

These sick, blackhearted people are religious terrorists who will destroy this country and our freedom if they are not stopped in their tracks. They are a much more real danger to us than ISIS or Muslim jihadists, who are unlikely to be any real immediate threat to us.  Yet these same homegrown terrorists are the ones instilling hatred and fear against Muslim terrorists, who operate the very same way in the name of Islam (and of course most Muslims are not like that, just as most Christians are actually good and decent people).  

Wake up, people! This could happen here. We can’t be complacent and assume it won’t just because it sounds insane. It is insane, but insanity is the new normal.  We can’t ever accept it as normal. 

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  1. I got a taste of this back in the “old days” when I used to watch The 700 Club. BTW, Trump’s lawyer is known to me because of this: I remember the ACLJ being set up and Sekulow coming on The 700 Club raging about fighting the ACLU.

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    • I remember that. These nutcases have been around for years, but never had so much power and influence as they do now. They used to be dismissed as “loony fringe,” even by most Christians. Now they are taken seriously and are being given carte blanche over our political system and everything else. It’s terrifying.

      If I believed in biblical prophecy (end times, etc.) I would say they represent the antichrist rather than God. Their behavior and tactics are demonic and they have twisted real Christianity into its opposite (using hate and fear instead of love to attract adherents) and as a result, people are turning away from Christianity. Isn’t that Satan’s intention? Someone once said, if Satan decided to start a religion, he wouldn’t use pentagrams and blood sacrifice, because it would be too obvious. He would wrap it up in Bible verses and the cross.

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    • I honestly wouldn’t put it past them. They are already committing subtle terrorist acts like taking away healthcare, free education and rolling back protective environmental laws. I don’t know how immigrants are being treated right now but I’m sure it isn’t good. I’m just waiting for the jack-booted armed police to start marching up and down the streets and people to start “disappearing.”


  2. It is amazing that Trump has approximately 35% of a core base that will run off a cliff at the Grand Canyon if he asked because, he promises a better life for them at the bottom of the Canyon. The autocracy in the White House continues, and many conclude as dictatorships.

    You will be given a day, time, place to worship only as Donald Trump is instructed,, and that will be your theology under penalty of law.

    Trump, and his core will have finally reached what they admired from the beginning. The United States will join the terrorist community.

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  3. The article follows the trail of bastardized Christianity really well. Schaeffer’s son Franky wrote a book called “Crazy for God” in which he describes the contempt his parents felt toward American evangelicals such as Pat Robertson. I don’t believe Francis Schaeffer knew how his book would be used and would roll over in his grave. Franky left the fold and can be found on Huff post and other places screaming out a warning about the evangelical insanity that is anything but Christianity For about 2 years I was in a NAR church. People coming from narcissistic abusive homes often gravitate to cults or religious systems with intense directives. It is fertile ground for narcissists that want followers. and the golden child that gets special favor gets elevated as an apostles pet

    Bethel Church in Redding CA is a prime example of truly frightening suspension of reality. The have some pretty strange phenomena that they attribute to God but its bizarre stuff like gold dust floating down from the ceiling and feathers appearing (supposedly angel feathers) They have a fabulous worship band that is serving as the pied piper of this generation bringing thousands into the cult. The music is incredible and they seem so sincere but it is part of the NAR movement

    The Quiverfull movement I experienced in a church that was in is so patriarchal that it borders on insanity. Women can check their brains out at birth and just follow male directives saying “yes sir” until they are abused to death and have 20 children. If you read quiverful survivor stories they are so often narcissistic families but males are generally groomed to be the narc of the next generation. And yes it all ties together and I believe is demonic

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    • The first church you talked about sounds super weird and crepy, cult-like if you ask me. It sounds like hocus-pocus, really more about the occult than religion. What does NAR stand for?

      I know a little about the Quiverfull movement, mostly from that awful TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting. That family (The Duggars) seem extremely dysfuctional and the parents very narcissistic, exploiting their children for fame and fortune but not allowing the girls to develop their own minds or interests. Women are seen as baby makers only and the parents defended Josh for sexually abusing his sisters and never came to their defense. I think they are horrible. I know the Quiverfull movement is part of the super fundie IFB and from everything I’ve heard, and listening to stories from people who have been part of that church, it’s like they are recovering from a cult. They really are a cult and their endless rules, oppression of women, abusive childrearing practices (ever hear of Debbie and Michael Pearl?) and suppression of critical thinking or questioning the cult’s rules indicate a very narcissistic and dangerous organization whose sole purpose is to silence and oppress, especially females. Because of that TV show about the Duggars, the Q movement is getting more popular among fundamentalists and that’s worrisome to me. I don’t think any of these movements are of God. I think they are all cults and can actually cause PTSD and other trauma based disorders.

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