Mr. President, I Want Out of This Abusive Relationship

This article by David M. Reiss, MD and Seth Davin Norrholm is a must read!

Mr. President, I Want Out of This Abusive Relationship!

5 thoughts on “Mr. President, I Want Out of This Abusive Relationship

  1. Yes. Trump is abusive. But so are most of his supporters. They are Archie Bunker racist types or crazy evangelicals. They are all abusing the rest of us.

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    • I agree. All of his enablers in government are abusers on the the same psychopathy/sociopathy/narcissism spectrum he is on. (Birds of a feather flock together). I agree, his supporters are authoritarian types who relate to his abusive “style.” They are either abusive themselves or are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome that causes them to relate to abusive types. Their behavior at his rallies and the rough and violent way they speak point to authoritarian personalities or people on the sociopathy spectrum themselves. They like the idea of a strongman who rules rather than a president who governs. He also attracts people who dislike having to think for themselves and would rather be told what to do.


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