Why I’m no longer going to troll-tweet Donald Trump.


Since Donald Trump won the election, one of my favorite pastimes has been trolling him on his favorite social media platform, Twitter.    It’s a lot of fun dreaming up snappy and sarcastic counter-insults to his constant stream of inappropriate, crass, self-centered, angry, and fear-mongering tweets.  It’s even more fun when strangers Like them or retweet them to their followers.   I won’t lie — I get a little boost of self-esteem from that, and even though I know Donald Trump will probably never see the insults I send him, knowing others do and agree with me makes me feel a little, well, vindicated.   It also relieves the existential stress of his presidency just a little.

But troll-tweeting Donald Trump all the time is like shouting into an echo chamber.  It’s as useless as mindlessly switching channels on the remote control.   It isn’t going to change any minds or make anyone think.  It isn’t going to inspire or enlighten anyone.  In fact, sending Trump insults on a daily basis is really displaying exactly the same sort of hateful rhetoric the far right seems to have in excess — and which I’ve been seeing more of on the left too.

America is more polarized than I’ve ever seen it, maybe even since the Civil War.  We seem divided beyond repair.   The comments sections of political articles are war-zones and getting worse by the day.  Like slowing down to gape at a car wreck, I don’t want to see all the verbal bloodletting — but I can’t help myself.   I have to look.   What I see is sickening and scary.   All that hate is soul-eroding.   I don’t want to be a part of that anymore.

Jesus instructed us to pray for our enemies and turn the other cheek.  By that, he didn’t mean that we have to put up with hateful rhetoric, bullying, name-calling, and aggressive behavior.   It doesn’t mean we have to submit to forces that go against our most deeply held beliefs and morals.  Far from it!  What I think he meant is that we have to fight our enemies a different way — by trying to muster up some empathy, a quality their side seems to have very little of these days.   Narcissism with its accompanying lack of empathy and sense of entitlement is exactly what got our nation into the sorry mess it’s in now.   It’s our national disease and maybe that’s why everyone is so obsessed with narcissism lately.  Trump is merely the mirror forcing us to look at ourselves, and the reflection is ugly and painful.    His presidency is the logical conclusion of where we’ve been headed as a nation for 40 years.   We finally hit our bottom.  We got exactly what we deserved.

But it’s not hopeless.

I think the antidote is for those of us who are willing or able to try to counteract that by showing exactly the qualities that are held in such low esteem these days.   We need to stop fighting fire with fire — and maybe with water instead.  Try to understand, even if we do not agree.   It might take a long time, but at least it’s a beginning.

This doesn’t mean enabling those who wish to destroy us or our democracy.  God, no.  But it does mean realizing the far-right hate-mongers are angry and scared. They’re acting out the way they do because they are are so afraid of everything outside their own warped reality.   We should pity them instead of hating them.

They fear their savior will be revealed soon as the fraud, criminal and charlatan he really is.   That’s why they’re lashing out at resisters now with extra vehemence and rage, even threatening to start Civil War II on his behalf (if you doubt me on this, type #civilwar on Twitter.  There may be civil war.  Some of them are talking about forming militias.   I don’t know how serious these threats are.  But I do know that with the external threats we’re facing right now with North Korea and China, the last thing we need is a civil war.  We can’t stay strong against outside enemies if we’re weak from within, and right now, we are ready to shatter like a cheap wine glass.

Trump is encouraging his far right supporters to act the way they do because he is terrified of being indicted.   He is acting very guilty — and he very likely is guilty.  His aggressive behavior at his rallies and hate-mongering  is intended to distract from Russia and his other probable illegal activities and scare us into submission.

We can’t submit to Trump or his supporters because that’s what they want from us.   They want us to fear them as much as they fear the truth.   If we back down, they will win.  That cannot happen!   But at the same time, we also shouldn’t fight them back using their weapon of hatred either.   We should lead by example and show them there’s a better way — a way out of the darkness that will bring us back together as a nation again.

Remember those WWJD bracelets that were so popular back in the ’90s?   Those days seem very far away now.   I wish more Christians tried to act like Jesus, but so many now preach values that are the polar opposite of what he taught.

So I like to pretend I’m back in the 1990s and ask myself, “what would Jesus do?”

I’m sure he wouldn’t troll-tweet Donald Trump.

When I started this blog, I wrote mostly about narcissistic abuse. I was enraged at the narcissists who had tried — but failed — to kill my soul.   In the early days, I wrote blog posts filled with rage and hatred toward narcissists, but eventually I moved away from that.  I went through a phase where I tried to understand their way of thinking instead (which enraged some other narc-abuse bloggers) but that was the only way I could begin to see my own narcissism and how it was holding me back.    I’ve been working on that and trying to become a better person.   I feel like it’s working, and now I’m ready for bigger things.

In a way I feel like I’m going through that process again.   I’m past hating on Trump and his supporters.   It’s time to move on.   There’s too much hate in the world.  Why add to it?

So, I decided I’m not going to troll-tweet Trump anymore even though it’s fun, sometimes ego-boosting,  and relieves stress.   I will keep on sharing relevant articles, studies, memes, and blog posts that state what I believe is the truth.  But even more importantly, I’m going to pray that some people on the other side may be cured of their truth-blindness.   In fact, I’m already doing that.  That’s the best way we can love our enemies.

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  1. Just today in the paper, I read that both Martin Shkreli (the guy who jacked up the price on an AIDS drug) and Netanyahu are saying they’re victims of “witch hunts.” And Netanyahu says he’s being targeted by a biased, unfair media. It sounds so familiar….

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  2. I am very happy you have come to this conclusion. As I have mentioned before, a good thought for these people are a part of my daily meditations.

    This doesn’t mean I don’t stay informed but, on-point with the issues. Not the people. Do I slip sometimes? Absolutely! I get off point, and start with the people, again. Once realized, I get away from the people perpetrating this behavior, and get back to the issues. We still need to bring up the issues.

    A couple of weeks ago, once realizing I was once again on the attack, I blogged my health care fix.

    I wrote a special ty note to Senator John McCain. I have intended but, remiss in sending notes to Senators Murkowski, and Collins. Thhe intention is there, and I intend to still accomplish that, today.

    There are so many positive vibrations we can send even as these people lurk in their own reality which plays a role in the hatred that continues.

    Imagine, the latest issue is an attack on democracy. The State Department is now directed to take out of its’ mission statement, the working toward the continuation of alignment with world democracies. The word, ‘democracy’ is to be taken out of their mission statement.

    The other issues include the stacking up of Generals in the White House to surround Trump has implications of the governments Trump best identifies as favorites. They are not democracies.

    With all of this, it is not up to me to convict these people of crimes against America, and all that it stands for because, again as I’ve said before, there is something greater, and mightier than the people. The Universe will take care of it.

    Keep up your hopes, and your prayers as they are the positive vibes the Universe responds to most favorably.

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    • Thank you, Dave. This gives me hope and encouragement. I too, sent a thank you to Sen. McCain (in the form of a link to my post thanking him). We have to take care of ourselves, and adding to the hatred makes us no better than “them.”
      I will fight against Trump and his policies tooth and nail, and keep being a truth-teller and whistle blower, but not in a destructive way that accomplishes nothing. I agree with you that the Universe (or God, or Karma, or whatever you believe in) will take care of thins in the end. Justice is coming, but it’s not our job to be the judge and jury — our job is only to shed light on the truth and fight the darkness.


  3. The powerful only hear what pleases them.

    Should words become too annoying, they then unleash their minions – who *open the road* to destruction. (Opening the road ~ shamanistic summoning of spirits)

    Hence talk – save, perchance to god – verges upon a waste of time.

    There will come a time when hiding from them is equally a waste of time. Then, you might as well stand up and be counted for god’s sake, for you will quit this mortal coil ***regardless***.

    Make what you’ve been given count then. Do not bury it – invest it.

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