If this doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, it should. #RESIST


Yesterday The Washington Post reported that the State Department, headed by Rex Tillerson, has been ordered to scrub the term “democracy” and “justice” from its mission statement.


This is extremely serious.  Sure, it’s only words, but changing the language is a first step toward tyranny.   George Orwell’s novel 1984 is cautionary tale about what can happen (and has happened) through the simple changing of language — either removing or adding words,  or using words as propaganda.   Words are powerful tools.  The fact “democracy” may be removed is concerning, because it does seem this White House wants to do away with democracy and lead us in an authoritarian direction.

I do not understand why something this serious isn’t being reported by other news sources.     Do they not want to panic us?  Is this being suppressed?   It should be blaring all over the news media and splashed all over the front page of every newspaper in the land!

We are fast falling into fascism. How long before the jackbooted military police start rounding up people the GOP doesn’t like? This wasn’t an election — it was a coup. This is probably the most disturbing, scary thing I’ve read yet — another step toward becoming the religious dictatorship they want. And I trust the source.

Their plan is to re-write the Constitution.

Imagine an America that is like a high-tech Feudal Europe, or like Venezuela today.

From the comments under the article:

Imagine an America where there are no regulations of any kind and where the church can set the social standards for society. It’s Oligarchy at it’s finest. Just think about the rich families in Italy and the Catholic church in the middle ages. You were pious and did your work, didn’t complain, weren’t educated unless you were monied and always supported the aristocracy and the church. That was your life.

This isn’t some harebrained conspiracy theory.  It really could happen, if these evil men get their way.   The patients are running the asylum now.


They need six more states to reach the required 31. Then they can change the Constitution however they want. THIS is the big story they have been trying to distract America from the entire time.

Americans should be marching in the streets in protest. If it passes, expect to live in a religious oligarchy with no social services or regulations or departments of any kind that benefit the nation as a whole.

Already, I don’t recognize the country this still was 7 months ago.


14 thoughts on “If this doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, it should. #RESIST

  1. 😦 Not only did they remove the word “democracy,” they removed the word “just” and the idea that the mission of the State Department was to promote the welfare of the American people and people everywhere to just the American people. Well, I said we were in for “interesting times.” Did I lie? Thanks for the information, Lucky. Will you be marching? I’m just holding on for dear life.

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  2. Oh my God Lucky. I am sure this is no ‘scare mongering’. Knowing Trump he would love to set up this kind of dictatorship. It is extremely frightening not only for America but for Americans it must the so hard to watch all of this unfolding and feel you have no way of stopping it. Well done for writing about it. I find it hard to watch news or politics as I know how corrupt much of it is.

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  3. That is a good point, Otter, about this not being the country it was 7 months ago. It was a shockingly fast fall. Also excellent point about not being ‘election’ but a ‘coup.’ Now, he is chiseling away at our democracy, and creating a police state. What really chilled me about his latest nasty speech that his press secretary (not Trump himself) later claimed was a joke, was the part where Trump encouraged rough handling during an arrest (loose paraphrase): ‘why be nice when the person just killed someone.’ Absolutely stone cold chilling. What happened to due process and innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? Well, that only happens in a democracy.

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    • Chilling is the word. Every day I get more afraid. Yes, I see the signs of his trying to turn us into a police state too. Now the crackdowns on leakers, who are the truth tellers. Of course they are guilty! They hold themselves above the law though, and want to scapegoat everyone else. I hesitate to call anyone evil, but they truly are. We must #Resist!


  4. Please note that the new chief of staff is a retired general, take democracy and just out of mission statements, throw in a narcissist as the leader, a climate denier and pentecostal as VP and what do we have? yea, can everyone say oligarchy?

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    • Oligarchy may be a mild way to put it — I think theocratic dictatorship is more what we might be looking at. We already have an Oligarchy, and have had one for years.


  5. I don’t comment on political stuff but I must point out your opening statement is not exactly accurate. The order is to redefine the mission statement and as a part of that they are considering removing ‘democracy’ and ‘justice’. They have not been ordered to remove democracy.

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