Update about my son’s mental health ordeal.

This is just a quick update about my son, who started suffering severe panic attacks/dissociation episodes and a week later, from near-suicidal depression.

He is doing much better.   It turned out the medication the Emergency Room gave him to control the panic attacks (lorazepam — commercially known as Ativan) had an adverse effect on him and caused the depression.   Since he stopped taking them, he has not been depressed.

He’s been a lot less anxious too, but that may have been job-related.   He was transferred to a different location which is closer to his home, and is less stressful, and he has not had another attack.

He still plans to find a therapist, since he is an anxious person who has OCD and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which my daughter also has).  Having these disorders together makes a person likely to suffer sudden panic attacks.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers!  I do think that helped too.


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9 Responses to Update about my son’s mental health ordeal.

  1. Wonderful news! I was concerned.

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  2. Im so happy things got figured out and your sons life is near normal again. He has a good mom:)

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  3. Scottie says:

    Glad your son is feeling better. Best wishes. Hugs

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  4. nowve666 says:

    I’m glad he’s better. Nice job that moved him to a better place. Benzos can be murder.

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  5. Alice says:

    I’m so glad to hear this! Thank you for letting us know how he is doing. 🙂

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  6. nikitalondon says:

    Sooo Glad Lauren. All the best for both.

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