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Missing normal.

I was going to write a post, but this piece (I don’t know who the writer is) sums up my feelings as well as I can. Advertisements

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“Tommy” (The Who): full album.

“Tommy” was one of the first “concept albums” I ever owned, back in the 1970s.  (The album was released in 1969).   “Tommy” may be The Who’s most ambitious project ever, and all the songs tell a story, so they … Continue reading

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Remembering my favorite seasons of American Idol.

Since Trump got elected, I feel as if a magnet has been taken over the country’s hard drive.  I barely recognize America as my country anymore, and feel almost like I live in an occupied country.   Politics has taken … Continue reading

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Long-forgotten one hit wonder I just heard on the radio!

I loved this one hit wonder song when it came out in 1984 but it didn’t receive airplay much beyond its radio life, so like so many other songs that came and went over the years, providing my life’s soundtrack, … Continue reading

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Raw nerve.

Over the past few days I have been extremely anxious, even panicky. I can’t focus enough to write anything or do much of anything else either. I really have no idea why or what might have triggered it. Last night … Continue reading

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I can’t get enough of this song.

Here’s a popular country pop song that has more meaning than most current offerings in this genre. I posted the lyric video because I think they’re special. There are those times in our lives we remember many years later because … Continue reading

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Maybe not the oldest thing I own.

Quite possibly, this GE clock radio maybe among the five oldest things I own (not including photographs). I know it’s not the oldest thing I own but it’s damn near it anyway and the only one I still interact with … Continue reading

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“Simpler times.”

I remember growing up in the late 1960s and 1970s, I always heard grown-ups talk about the 1950s, which I don’t remember because I was born at the tail-end of that decade. People of my parents’ generation talked about how … Continue reading

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Narcissists and sentimentality

Not my family, just a nice random portrait I found. Narcissists can put up a good front of being sentimental if they need to. For example, if a narcissistic man is trying to win a new conquest for a source … Continue reading

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