Long-forgotten one hit wonder I just heard on the radio!

I loved this one hit wonder song when it came out in 1984 but it didn’t receive airplay much beyond its radio life, so like so many other songs that came and went over the years, providing my life’s soundtrack,  I completely forgot about it.

Just a few minutes ago, I heard it on the radio (a local indie-rock station that plays both old and new music), probably the first time in about 20 years.   It’s a song from one of the happier times in my life (which there haven’t too been many of), so it brings back pretty good memories.

I love when that happens.  I wish it would happen more often.  There’s probably so many others songs I completely forgot about, but would remember immediately if I heard them again.

No Doubt also covered this song in 2003.  Their version is just as good.   On  side note, Gwen Stefani appears to be portraying  woman with Histrionic Personality Disorder or maybe BPD.

6 thoughts on “Long-forgotten one hit wonder I just heard on the radio!

  1. Yet another of those you know, but not by name!

    I remember this song because of that WICKED progression right before he says, “I’ve asked myself. . . ” so I always thought of it as “the song with that wicked chord progression.”

    Things were better for me then, too; thanks for the memories!

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    • It’s a great song. I like that wicked progression too! I noticed lots of new EDM stuff is very much influenced by the power pop and new wave of the early-mid 80s (and other genres as well).


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