Selfie awesomeness #2

I borrowed my roommate’s new wig which blends almost perfectly with my own hair color (even though it makes it look like I’ve got a mullet, lol)  — If it were my wig, I’d thin it out just a little, especially on the sides.   She thought I’d stolen it from her because I couldn’t stop taking pictures wearing it even before she had a chance to try it on.  She finally yanked it off my head after I finished my self-photo session.

Maybe I’ll even et something like this myself, only not as puffy, and maybe even a little…blonder?  I haven’t been a blonde since I got married.

Let me know if you’d like to see me as a blonde (not platinum but medium blonde) or if you think I should go even darker, like dark brown.  (I dyed my hair black once and I looked like Morticia).  No red hair, I’ve been there and done that, and I’m over being a fake ginger.


Me before the wig.  That’s my flat natural hair. ^


The wig is on.  Let’s mess it up! ^


“Draw me like one of your French girls.”  ^


My default INFJ Avoidant BPD faraway “I’m not yet sure I can trust you but I’m thinking…” deer in the headlights  look. ^





5 thoughts on “Selfie awesomeness #2

  1. Firstly, I say do whatever you want to with your hair, or any other body part, that will put such a dazzling smile on your face. Just keep it clean, though!
    Secondly, I say, why not go totally off the grid with your hair color? Hot pink, Kelly green, Royal purple (in honor of Mardi Gras!) As long as it washes out and doesn’t permanently damage your hair, of course.

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