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    • They replaced it with that lame “N.” (for NBC). That didn’t last long, but SNL ripped NBC a new one for it with the “dancing N” skit.


  1. I never sawi it. We received colored tvs in my country short before the 80s I still remember when my dad brought in a big colored TV and a betamax and made an open account so that i could go and rent movies as much as I wanted and he paid at the end of the month. National TV stopped at midnight and started at 6 am and in between we only saw those colors but without the bird. I was a TV kid and now and sice 2001 I hate it. I just liked it because I could watch animal channels, traveling channels and movies when I moved to Europe I had no more of that and now I think the TV is the biggest loss of time ever. I just watch a good movie or series from time to time. Im hooked on an super cool series right now 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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