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Being firm with spammers.

Yesterday I had a new commenter who I must have hit a nerve with one of my posts. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about. He or she comments IN ALL CAPS, says their keyboard is stuck but … Continue reading

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I think I had an interesting therapy session last night. I was talking to my therapist about the way my father stole the little illustrated stories I wrote when I was about 7 (which I wrote about in this article). … Continue reading

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An upsetting memory.

I remembered something today. Little by little my mind is pulling up ancient memories from dark and forgotten corners as I move further along in my recovery. This one almost knocked me over. For years…YEARS!…I couldn’t write. This past year … Continue reading

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The reason we became adult victims: what can be done?

The other day, I posted an article about the insidious way narcissistic parents can turn scapegoated children into lifelong victims. I was thinking more about this matter today (because I was feeling victimized at work) and I think I understand … Continue reading

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Narc attack!

Sigh. I can’t get rid of them. Today I thought I died and went to narc hell. My narcissist sperm donor has finally moved into his own place. I’d been storing a lot of his crap in my house (for … Continue reading

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My annoying narcissist roommate’s latest tricks.

Just a little update about my annoying, narcissistic roommate. It’s getting very difficult for me to hide my increasing annoyance with her. I don’t want to be unkind because she acts so needy but she invades boundaries and whines constantly … Continue reading

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When your boundaries are being violated.

One of the most pernicious things our narcissists do is violate our boundaries. This can take a number of forms, ranging from physical violations (such as rummaging through your things or physically attacking you) to more subtle mental or emotional … Continue reading

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