Narc attack!

Shark attack

I can’t get rid of them.
Today I thought I died and went to narc hell.

My narcissist sperm donor has finally moved into his own place. I’d been storing a lot of his crap in my house (for no charge) since I kicked him out over a year ago. Many times I felt like just hauling it all to Goodwill but he kept begging me not to so I didn’t. Of course any attempts to collect financial compensation for storing his crap were met with deaf ears or excuses.

So anyway, today he came over to pick up his stuff. I had most of it packed in bags and boxes for him so he wouldn’t have to stay long rummaging through my house. I didn’t want him to invade my boundaries, but of course asking a narc not to invade your boundaries is like asking a mosquito not to bite you. They are every bit as annoying as a mosquito too.

He kept walking from one room to the next, trying to take things that weren’t his or that had been both of ours but I wanted to keep. I had to negotiate with him over at least 20 items, including the little bit of wall art that I have, and the few decorative items in the living room. He kept trying to take my little white Buddha that sits next to my bamboo plant in the kitchen. I finally convinced him why I needed to have it (“it makes my plant grow”–it really does!) He wanted to take my geodes off the kitchen sill. I wouldn’t let him have them.

He was here for two hours, wanting to go through EVERYTHING, opening every drawer, rummaging in the closets for things I might have missed (there was nothing of his left), even pawing through all the stuff in the medicine cabinet, the cabinet over the toilet, and the kitchen. I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

But no, this wasn’t all. I didn’t just have one narc following me around the house going through my stuff–I had TWO! My annoying narcissistic roommate was following us around too. Any time I have company she is ALWAYS out of her room, making sure she’s noticed and hijacking the conversation with her inane blabber. She followed us from room to room, talking nonstop about nothing as usual and asking an awful lot of questions that were none of her business. I finally told her I was stressed and I would prefer she didn’t follow us around asking questions, so she went back in her room (sulking, of course), but 5 minutes later was out again, saying she was “just getting some air.” The nonstop talking resumed. I just tried to ignore her but it was hard.


The ex didn’t take much besides what I had packed, but dealing with him being here and pawing through my belongings felt like a huge violation of my boundaries. Meanwhile being yabbered at nonstop by my idiot narcissist roommate was another type of boundary violation. Even my ex was getting irritated with her.

Can you imagine being in your own home followed around by two narcissists, one who wants to rummage through (and possibly take) your belongings, and another who never shuts the hell up?
After he left (finally!) I was so exhausted I had to take a long nap. They just suck everything out of you. Like vampires.

At least my house feels like mine again and I have a lot more room for my OWN stuff now.


15 thoughts on “Narc attack!

  1. Eeeee-yikes! Just thinking about what it would be like to be in your shoes today going through this with your ex and your roommate is giving me a headache. I am not even kidding.

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  2. Oh what a day as you had:-/
    I’m sure that I would not let my ex-narc inside my house, he could wait outside. Can’t you get rid of that roommate ? She is interrupting your life totally.

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    • I agreed to let him come inside today. Maybe I should not have, but I only had to part with one thing I didn’t want to. I’m working on the roommate situation. She does pay her rent and keep the house clean so I’m reluctant to replace her with someone else I don’t know who may be worse. For the most part she’s gotten a lot better about boundaries. But I think she actually is crushing on my ex. Bleech. No, he is not the slightest bit interested either, not that I care.
      I just wish I wasn’t in a position where I was forced to have a roommate at all to help with bills.

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  3. This makes me glad that I left all my stuff behind. Narcs are much like two year olds in that, “If I want it, it’s mine”. I took my entire life of furniture and stuff into the marital home, and in the end, he kept all but my clothes and old pictures from my life before him. They just want to make conflict over anything they think will push our buttons. They thrive on the narcissistic supply they get from our energy-negative or positive.

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  4. :))))) XD Funny story though! sorry you had to go through this

    And YES I had even more than two narcs in the same time, my Parents and others colleagues and now Psycho roomates! XD I want out…..

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    • Sometimes I feel like I live in a narc jungle, and I’m the scared rabbit that somehow wound up there. They seem to be everywhere, and I attract them like flies attract honey. Only honey is much sweeter and has some nutritional value too.
      Glad you liked my story. I forgot I wrote this!


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