The truth is scary.

One important lesson I’ve learned as a blogger, is that it’s often the very things I’m most hesitant or afraid to publish that turn out to be my best and most popular posts. I think what often happens, is that when you get to the core of truth, there’s a visceral fear of making it known because transparency and total honesty tends to make us feel vulnerable.

Narcissists and sociopaths fear the truth, not just because of the harsh white light it sheds on them, exposing their flaws, but also because they hate feeling vulnerable and being truthful requires a person to embrace vulnerability.


12 thoughts on “The truth is scary.

  1. Everyone fears the truth. Like you said, the truth is scary. I agree with you that the scariest posts turn out to be the best ones. There is truth and there is deep truth. The kind of blog posts you are talking about are the ones that tell the deep truth. I’m always nervous before publishing that kind of blog post. But taking risks appeals to me as a psychopath. I know you will say I’m not a real psychopath. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. But everyone fears the truth. ‘paths and narcs have relative fearlessness with which to face scary things like “truth.” And there’s nothing like the truth.

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  2. Lucky,

    I may have some of this wrong, but, here goes. I think borderlines who enter therapy are oftentimes the truthtellers, therefore they are subject to narcissistic abuse. I love the truth, I’m all about the truth. Have been described by others as the most unpretentious or most honest person they ever met. I guess I’m about love, trust, and honesty and don’t mind feeling vulnerable although I detest abuse. And it has crippled me some. I’ve had 27 years of therapy but found the rest of my answers in church. So I’m studying The Bible and working on being the best Christian I can be as well as associating with other Christians in order to achieve successful relationships. I’ve had more than enough of the competitive, destructive, gaslighting narcissists.

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