Shame on you, WordPress.


I am getting so tired of the automatic default to the “new” stats page, which I hate. I don’t think it’s better than the old one, and is in fact much worse. The graphs are unattractive and don’t show visitor/view comparisons. The layout is unattractive and makes you have to keep scrolling to see all the stats, especially if you’re trying to do it from a Smartphone, the way I sometimes do during the day when I’m not at the computer. The old stats page was easy to read, seemed to give more detailed information, and didn’t require constant scrolling to see the stat you want.

I always click on “see the old stats page” but sometimes before it lets me do so, I have to answer a survey asking why I prefer the old stats page. I find that very annoying. I can’t believe anyone would like the new stats page better. Aren’t enough people complaining about the new stats page that WordPress will scrap it and go back to the old stats page, which is so much better?

Does anyone actually like the new stats page, and if so, why?

WordPress, PLEASE get rid of the new stats page. “New Coke” didn’t go over well either.

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      • I’ve been trying to recover from the holidays! My eldest daughter (who lives in Chicago) and my youngest daughter (who lives in Pittsburgh) were both here, along with my other kids who live nearby, so my house was pretty much a three-ring circus for a couple of weeks. It would have been a big crowd with just my three girls, my son, and my son-in-law, but in addition to them I had my youngest daughter’s boyfriend, my son’s girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s children… plus everyone’s friends, and their friends’ children… you get the idea. Every night was party night. Plus there was the big countdown to my middle daughter’s due date — officially January 10, but I was hoping and praying that the baby would decide to come a little early, so that both of his out-of-town aunties would be able to see him and hold him while he was still brand new. As it happened, he was born early in the morning on the 9th, so it worked out perfectly. Now my nest is empty once again, but I’m really busy being a grandma. That’s why you haven’t seen much of me. 🙂

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  1. I have never looked at my stats. Not one time. I avert my eyes and click away fast when I see anything that looks like it might be stat-related. So I don’t anything about old stats vs. new stats and I was fine with not knowing, until just now… Now I am wondering why am I so weird that I don’t ever want to look at my stats?

    Eeek (shudder) I just tried to force myself to look at my stats. No can do.

    PTSD, the gift that keeps on giving.

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      • Well… a few years ago I had a blog called PTSD is Normal (dot) com. (The idea behind my title was that PTSD is a normal reaction to overwhelming trauma, just as bleeding is a normal reaction to being stabbed. Normal, in this sense, does not mean healthy, of course, it simply means you weren’t born inherently weak or bad or “crazy” if you have PTSD.)

        When I had that blog, which was hosted on google’s blogspot, I loved looking at my stats. I checked my stats pretty much every day, sometimes several times a day. I loved seeing how many people from all over the world were clicking on my blog. Every time I got a hit from a new country, I added that country’s name to my front page as being one that visited my blog. Soon I had people from every continent except Antarctica, visiting my blog. That really made me happy! I felt like I was doing a lot of good for a lot of people.

        But then, someone in my family of origin found my blog, even though it was written under an assumed name, and they apparently informed my momster, er, I mean, my MN mother. So my MN mother sent me a 62 page hate letter telling me every thing that was ever “wrong” with me in my entire life — I did not read the letter, though, because my loving husband got the mail that day. Knowing my horrible history with my momster, and having my permission in advance to do as he saw fit with anything he found in the mail from anyone in my family of origin, my husband waited until I was asleep that night and then began reading it to see if it was a good letter or a bad one. He only read the first couple of pages when he became so enraged at what he later told me was “all the hate, lies, and jealousy,” that he slipped out of the house in the middle of the night and walked to the town dump where he tore those 62 pages to bits and threw them away. I might never have known about that letter — he did not tell me, not wanting to cause me more pain — but as it turned out, my MNM had sent copies of her “hate my eldest daughter scapegoat” letter to others in the family, including one to her only sibling, my aunt. My aunt was outraged at the hateful, abusive tone of that letter. Being a loving mother herself, my aunt could not comprehend how a mother could send such a horrible long letter to her adult child, and then compound the wound by sending copies of the letter to the rest of the family. So my aunt wrote a scathing reply to my mother, and emailed a copy to me… and that was when I learned about my mother’s horrible abusive lie-filled letter.

        This was followed up by a few very unpleasant go-arounds on Facebook with some of my siblings (I’m the eldest of 7) and a couple of my neices, most of whom have bought in to our momster’s gaslighting, projecting, scapegoating lies over the decades. In the midst of all this nightmare, I was on the phone a lot with my aunt’s only daughter, my younger cousin, who was my only blood relative living in this state and who was squarely in my corner. Then… unbelievably, horribly… my precious cousin, an RN, drowned. Oh my God… this happened in June 2011 and still the pain, the loss, cuts so deep. She and I were on the phone about an hour the night before she drowned. In that conversation, she told me that “it would explain everything” if my mother, her aunt, was a narcissist. I felt so validated — my cousin had a BA in psychology and she had known my mother all of her life. Finally someone in my FOO really got it. And the very next day my cousin drowned?

        If this was a horror movie I wouldn’t even believe it, you know?

        Shortly after we lost my precious cousin, I ended my FB account, ended my blog, went to bed and basically hid from the world for the next two years. I am still not on FB but now that I am once again venturing forth with a new blog, I am just… afraid, somehow… to see if anyone is reading it, other than the bloggers who “like” and follow my blog. I have changed my name, again, and no one in my family of origin knows about my new blog, as far as I know. However, if they do a search on certain themes that they know I write about, they could find my blog without too much trouble, I’m sure.

        This is the main reason why I do not allow comments anymore on my blog. Nothing hurts worse than seeing a comment in my inbox from a half-sister who was not even born until I was grown and married and pregnant with my first child, telling me how my worst childhood traumas “never happened.”

        Sorry, I hope this answer isn’t too long… I don’t mean to be a comment hog, LOL.

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        • Alaina,
          Wow,what an incredible story. Your “momster” sounds like the worst sort of malignant narcissist. That’s insane she would write a 63 page letter full of hate and lies about you and distribute it to everyone in the family.
          That’s the weirdest thing about your cousin–makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

          I understand what youre saying though. I don’t use my FB account anymore (it still exists but is almost completely inactive) because members of my MN FOO all found me there—my mother and her extended family, who are all her flying monkeys. I felt like I was being stalked so I stopped using FB.

          Recently a very scary thing happened. I started a LinkedIn account and used my pseudonym “Lauren Bennett,” which is actually not my real name. I do not use my real name anywhere associated with this blog.

          Well, you know how these social networks operate, and suddenly I was having “suggestions” made to me of connecting with RELATIVES. I can’t figure out for the life of my HOW IT KNEW since none of these people have my current email. If that isn’t creepy enough, a few days later I saw that several people had viewed my profile–included among them were both my parents! (my mother is a histrionic somatic MN and scapegoated and triangulated against me my entire life). Even though my name was fake, my profile photo was recognized by them and on my profile are the links to all my blog posts!
          At first I was scared shitless, but then I figured out what I had to do. I wrote a letter to them right on this blog, called “To My Parents.” It explained why I was doing this blog and that I realized there would be things they would not like but this was necessary therapy for me and I would not stop doing it.

          Never heard anything from MN mom, but my father (a low spectrum narcissist and therefore has love for me and some empathy for my situation) told me it was okay and it was probably good for me what I was doing. He isn’t mad that I haven’t always been complimentary of him here. I think he knows the truth about the woman he was married to and under her thrall for so long. I think it took him a long time (he used to deny she was evil) but I think he may have changed his tune.

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  2. WOW what happened to you on Linked In is very scary. I applaud the way you handled that, I am amazed that you were able to keep your cool so well. What a great response your dad had.

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    • I honestly didnt expect him to be so understanding. I still don’t feel comfortable with him reading anything on this blog, but it is what it is. Maybe it’s best that way.

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