Spring is coming.


It’s time for a little positivity. Something happy and inoffensive and unserious.

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold, and everything’s coming alive again after the long dreary winter and the world is suddenly full of color. The days are becoming long again and we can go outside without coats, gloves and hats. Spring works wonders on my mood. I’m usually in fairly high spirits, as much as someone with PTSD and prone to depression can be.

Fall is pretty but I don’t like it much because everything’s dying and the days are growing shorter. Although the foliage is pretty it only lasts a couple of weeks and then everything’s all downhill after that. I also start stressing about the upcoming holiday season.

I hate winter with all my being. As a sufferer of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I find the short days, gloom, and darkness tend to exacerbate my depressions or even cause them. All I want to do is sleep the winter away. I wish I could hibernate. I also hate being cold. I don’t even like snow.

Summer is alright, but it’s too hot and humid here in the southeast and because I have cats that go in and out, every year I do battle with fleas. (why do they exist? what is their purpose in the world anyway?)

Spring may get tornadoes and violent thunderstorms but they don’t affect this part of the country too much and I can enjoy a good thunderstorm. Other than that, it’s the perfect time of year for me.

On that note, I’d like to share these photos I found. In just over two months, spring will be with us again!

spring1 spring2
spring3 spring4
spring5 spring6

13 thoughts on “Spring is coming.

    • Not too much longer now! Once I start noticing the lengthening days (usually sometime in February) I feel like things are looking up and winter is on its way out!
      Here in North Carolina, some trees are starting to show buds in about early March, or even taking on a slight tinge of pale green.

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        • I’ll just say I’m in the Asheville, NC area. Cool town with a lot of cultural diversity for a city of only 80,000 or so (maybe closer to 100K now). Booming indie music industry (Idol winner Caleb Johnson is from here, so is actress Andie McDowell) and art galleries. Lots of people have moved here from other places. It’s also politically and culturally progressive within a part of the country that’s very Biblical/conservative. But it’s popularity is also making it congested, traffic jams (the roads haven’t kept up with the influx of new people) and causing it to lose some of its original southern charm. I’m kinda/sorta a native–born in New Jersey, worked in NYC (I was a bridge and tunnel girl–a pejorative in NY) but moved here here in 1993. Things were cheap then, but not now. Asheville’s changed a lot since then and not for the better , IMO.

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            • I don’t go to the beach as often as I should, being as close as I am. I suppose it’s because I don’t like crowds. I also feel self-conscious around all the beautiful bodies. My favorite time to go is in Spring when tourisists haven’t taken over yet (that’s the time to go as long as it doesn’t overlap with Spring Break!) The beach is a wonderful peace-inducing place when it’s fairly quiet. Listening to the sound of the waves is very healing. The only downside:sand EVERYWHERE! Lol

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            • I grew up in northern NY and NJ and went to the beach all the time–there were beaches less than an hour away. So I’ve always loved beaches, oceans.
              I love the mountains, but feel …landlocked and miss the bigger skys where the land is flatter. I hope someday to have a house on or near a beach, maybe in Florida because my sons lives there and has no plans to leave.


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