WordAds: Advertising on WordPress

If you blog and are interested making some money from your blog, WordPress has a program called WordAds that makes this possible. You probably won’t be able to quit your day job (my earnings last month were about $40 but are going up each month in small increments based on number of “impressions”) but it’s definitely worth it, if you qualify. I don’t blog for money obviously, but it is nice to have the extra cash.

This post about the WordAds program is the most imformative I’ve seen. I can’t think of one question here left unanswered.

The Human Breed Blog

I seldom go off-topic (away from stereotypes) and even if I do, I still write about people, men, women; about countries, possibly about laws and their effect on societies… but I don’t go off-topic, so far away to talk about technology or blogging in general or advertising in particular. So why am i writing about WordAds?

  1. I can’t stop thinking about it (I tend to do that often once I am excited about something :D) and bloggers / writers simply write about their passions and their thoughts, and this where my thoughts are right now.
  2. I feel that there isn’t enough information about WordAds out-there since the program is relatively new and is still not as mature as Adsense. What I will be discussing in this blog post, can be found in bits and pieces all over the web, in many discussions, in other blog posts from other bloggers.

Most blog posts that…

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I’m just gonna say it, okay?


I’d really love to be Freshly Pressed®. I wonder if it’s ever going to happen. I just think being Freshly Pressed would be incredibly cool and do wonders for my low self-esteem. If I ever get Freshly Pressed I think I would just die of happiness.

Kill me now!



Why did WordPress get rid of the “classic editor”?


I haven’t mentioned it, but for the past few weeks, I no longer seem to have the option to switch to the old WordPress editor. I’ve been forced to use the “beep beep boop” new editor, which I can’t stand. I’m really afraid WP might make the old stats page disappear too, which shows far more information and is easier to use (in my opinion) than the “new and improved” stats page.

Why does WP keep dumbing down the blogging experience, and taking away features that improve that experience for its users? I don’t know one person who prefers the “new and improved” versions of the editor and stats page.

What gives, WordPress?

I also noticed the StumbleUpon share button is no longer available. Why?

Here is my previous rant about these “new and improved” features. Judging by the comments, I’m not alone in my dissatisfaction and disgust.
Here is another one.

ETA: I finally found out what you must do to get to the Classic (old) editor.
Go to WP-Admin page.
Click on Posts–add New.
Too bad there’s no “switch to Classic editor” option anymore.

Apparently WP is dead set on forcing this “beep beep boop” editor on us in spite of an OVERWHELMING number of people disliking it.
Here is a screenshot of the poll asking what editor people preferred. Wow!

Please vote in this poll if you hate the new editor!

Spam troubles.


I use Akismet, the spam blocker WordPress offers, and it’s an excellent tool. I get so much spam I don’t know what I’d do without it.

You have the option of setting it up to either automatically delete all spam so you do nothing, or to send it to a special “spam folder” for later review/deletion.

I opted for the second, because sometimes Akismet makes mistakes. I have had legitimate comments wind up in my spam folder, as well as spam that somehow never got flagged as spam and wound up in my regular comments folder waiting to be approved.

Legitimate comments that wind up as “spam” usually contain links–I think the limit is two. If your comment includes more than two links, Akismet thinks it’s spam and I have to manually unspam it. But for some reason, one lady’s comments always go to my spam folder even though they contain no links at all!

It’s a pain having to manually go through my spam messages every day because sometimes there are hundreds, but it would be worse to have legitimate comments automatically deleted so I’ll continue to manually review all spam before I send it to the Trash.

Shame on you, WordPress.


I am getting so tired of the automatic default to the “new” stats page, which I hate. I don’t think it’s better than the old one, and is in fact much worse. The graphs are unattractive and don’t show visitor/view comparisons. The layout is unattractive and makes you have to keep scrolling to see all the stats, especially if you’re trying to do it from a Smartphone, the way I sometimes do during the day when I’m not at the computer. The old stats page was easy to read, seemed to give more detailed information, and didn’t require constant scrolling to see the stat you want.

I always click on “see the old stats page” but sometimes before it lets me do so, I have to answer a survey asking why I prefer the old stats page. I find that very annoying. I can’t believe anyone would like the new stats page better. Aren’t enough people complaining about the new stats page that WordPress will scrap it and go back to the old stats page, which is so much better?

Does anyone actually like the new stats page, and if so, why?

WordPress, PLEASE get rid of the new stats page. “New Coke” didn’t go over well either.

Upgraded stats page: yea or nay?


The only thing I like about the upgraded stats page is there’s a button to take you directly back to your site. Otherwise I don’t see much of an improvement if any, and I don’t like the simplified graphs at all. I liked being able to see number of views and number of hits so I can compare them. I don’t see where you can do that with the upgrade.

What do YOU think?

WordPress Classic Editor vs. the “new, improved” Editor

Yeah. I made this. It sucks. That thing that looks like a dandelion drawn by a 5 year old is supposed to be a ninja star weapon. Oh, well.

For some reason, WordPress keeps switching me over to the new editor (the beep beep boop one) and I have to manually switch it back to classic, which I like much better.

First of all, I think the classic editor is more readable. Second, my photos automatically resize themselves to the size I specified in my settings. The new editor doesn’t do that (maybe there’s a glitch), and I wind up having to upload my photos to Photobucket, and then resize them there, and that is time consuming. But the worst thing I noticed is the new editor doesn’t always save my changes. If I go in to edit a post again (I usually edit a post anywhere between 5 and 10 times, sometimes even more for longer posts), all my previous changes are lost. I finally figured out if I use the classic editor, my photos default to the correct size and I don’t have to worry about my changes being lost. Easy peasy!

I just wish I knew how to keep the classic editor from switching to the new one. I really don’t know what’s better about it. I really don’t need juvenile prompts like “Your post is lookin’ great!” and “Beep Beep Boop.” I’m not in kindergarten. And I will be the judge of whether my post looks great or not.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Remember New Coke? It was an epic fail. Everyone still wanted “Classic Coke.”

What do other bloggers prefer? The new editor or the classic mode?