WordAds: Advertising on WordPress

If you blog and are interested making some money from your blog, WordPress has a program called WordAds that makes this possible. You probably won’t be able to quit your day job (my earnings last month were about $40 but are going up each month in small increments based on number of “impressions”) but it’s definitely worth it, if you qualify. I don’t blog for money obviously, but it is nice to have the extra cash.

This post about the WordAds program is the most imformative I’ve seen. I can’t think of one question here left unanswered.

The Human Breed Blog

I seldom go off-topic (away from stereotypes) and even if I do, I still write about people, men, women; about countries, possibly about laws and their effect on societies… but I don’t go off-topic, so far away to talk about technology or blogging in general or advertising in particular. So why am i writing about WordAds?

  1. I can’t stop thinking about it (I tend to do that often once I am excited about something :D) and bloggers / writers simply write about their passions and their thoughts, and this where my thoughts are right now.
  2. I feel that there isn’t enough information about WordAds out-there since the program is relatively new and is still not as mature as Adsense. What I will be discussing in this blog post, can be found in bits and pieces all over the web, in many discussions, in other blog posts from other bloggers.

Most blog posts that…

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