Upgraded stats page: yea or nay?


The only thing I like about the upgraded stats page is there’s a button to take you directly back to your site. Otherwise I don’t see much of an improvement if any, and I don’t like the simplified graphs at all. I liked being able to see number of views and number of hits so I can compare them. I don’t see where you can do that with the upgrade.

What do YOU think?


15 thoughts on “Upgraded stats page: yea or nay?

  1. I don’t like the new upgraded page either! In fact I hate it! And I love the old place where I can post securely all my stuff! Why is that? πŸ˜€


  2. It gives pretty much the same information, but I have to scroll up and down to see it and sometimes then click. It’s less usable and more frustrating. The new version isn’t horrible, but all the changes I’ve noticed make the page worse.

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    • I agree the changes aren’t for the better , and the page is harder to read now and does seem to require more scrolling, which sucks when I’m using my cell.


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