My dead car.


So my transmission just died. It was acting up for almost a year and finally gave out this morning when I tried to go forward and the car went nowhere. The only way I could go was in reverse.

My dilemma: do I throw good money after bad to have it fixed/replaced or get a new car? It’s a tough decision.

I don’t want to be locked into monthly payments which are a huge financial burden on someone with my income, nor do I want to buy someone else’s problem. Forget about buying a new car. I know my car. I know its quirks. I’m thinking that if everything else looks okay, it might be worth getting the transmission rebuilt or replaced. I have almost enough for that right now. I could save up the rest over a few weeks.

My car is a 2001 Ford Taurus sedan (yeah I know, lol) but it has an absolutely fantastic sound system that I don’t want to give up…I know that’s probably not a good reason to try to have it fixed but I really don’t want a new car right now. I like this car and I own it free and clear.

I could be set back $1600 at BEST…I already gave them permission to remove the tranny…that alone sets me back $389. I’d be hesitant to tell them to forget it now, unless they tell me it’s going to cost over $2K.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a place where I didn’t need to drive or have a car. Even when your car’s paid off, they’re more expensive than children–what with all the upkeep, oil changes, gas, repairs, car insurance, registration, etc. They’re a never-ending money drain.

My registration expires this month. So I have that to worry about too. It won’t pass inspection because my check engine light is on again. I go through this every year.


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  1. I asked my husband for you, he is a mechanic for heavy equipment, loaders and bulldozers and stuff. This is what he said:

    Its very hard to answer this question for someone. Only you can know if your car is in good enough shape to bother with the transmission. Is the body in good shape? Do you think the rest of the parts will make it for a long while? If so, why not check a wrecking yard for a transmission? It may only cost about $300 – $500 in a wrecking yard?

    But if you can afford payment plans that might be a better option really. But I’m thinking of practicality that a payment plan might swamp you. As a single woman it is hard enough just with the regular stuff to pay for.

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    • Joan, thanks for the advice. I needed this like I need a hole in the head. I struggle with bills enough as it is, and there goes my entire tax return, whether I buy a new car or have the tranny fixed or replaced.
      I don’t think there’s anything else wrong with the car (other than it needs a tune up) but they will have a look and let me know if they find anything else and then I can make my decision. I will get a price tomorrow.
      Tell your husband thank you!


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