John Lewis 2018 Christmas commercial featuring Elton John

I don’t usually get obsessed about commercials, but this is one I fell in love with.   It’s a commercial for the British department store chain John Lewis and Partners.

It’s rare to find a commercial with real meaning and depth, a compelling story that tugs at the heartstrings without being too cheesy — and also features one of the greatest rock & roll pianists/singers of all time.

Here we see Elton John playing “Your Song” over flashbacks of his career, the receding decades finally giving way to his childhood, when his mother, who recognized musical talent in her son, gave him a piano for Christmas — the very same piano he was playing as an older man reflecting on his life at the beginning of the commercial.

It gives me chills, in a good way.  It’s amazing the way one special gift at the right time can change the entire course of a person’s life.   Elton’s mom understood.

Enjoy! And please tell me what you think in the comments!


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