About the ads you see here.

Every so often I feel it’s necessary to remind my readers about the ads on this site.

Occasionally, I see ads here I disagree with or that go against the content of this blog.

Let me remind my readers that I do not choose the ads here.  I’m a member of the WordPress.com WordAds program, and I make a small income from the ads run on this site.  Because this blog isn’t self-hosted (as it would be if were a WordPress.org site) I have no control over which ads are placed here.

Just a reminder to those who think some of the ads are strange on a site like this one. If you find the ads offensive, you can always use an ad blocker.

7 thoughts on “About the ads you see here.

    • Sometimes they’re funny too. I don’t look at mine much, unless one stands out for some reason (either in a good or bad way). I ahve noticed I often get ads for sites I’ve just visited if they are shopping sites. It’s a little creepy to see those ads “following me around” on this blog and other sites. It’s called targeted advertising and it’s creepy!


    • I have to admit, it’s nice to see that $ every month just for writing about all the stuff I think about. It’s not enough for me to quit my day job, but it’s something at least!


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