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The best-tasting healthy stuff I ever drank.

I love smoothies, but I’m too lazy to ever make them myself.   I’m not the home juicer type of person.  I hate cleaning up the mess. Most grocery stores sell Naked brand smoothies, and they are delicious!   Bolthouse … Continue reading

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Deviled eggs for Easter? Why, yes please!

I love deviled eggs, and there’s nothing more perfect for Easter.  They’re light but filling, and taste soooo good. Here’s a classic recipe for deviled eggs.  Personally, I like using spicy brown mustard and regular mayo over the light type. … Continue reading

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My guiltiest guilty pleasure.

I hate most commercial snack cakes.  But there’s just something about these I can’t resist.   The Twinkie-like cake filled with snow-white fluffy filling that tastes like chemicals and Crisco and could probably be used to embalm dead bodies.  The … Continue reading

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Annoying people who take pictures of their food.

They’re everywhere.  They’re all over Facebook, they’re all over Twitter, they’re all over Pinterest.  They’re texting their mushroom and goat cheese manicotti at the table next to yours, they’re trying to show you their Tabouli salad with ginger vinagrette in … Continue reading

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Eating Blackberries.

I had a good day. It was a clear, sunny day, not a wisp of cloudiness. This was a welcome thing after two weeks straight of rainy, gloomy, humid, stormy weather. I went to church this morning and felt so … Continue reading

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Birthday surprise.

Yes, today is my birthday, and my DD baked this cake for me!   It’s a white cake with vanilla buttercream (no cream cheese for me, please!) and coconut.  I just ate a piece and it’s yummy.   Would anyone … Continue reading

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Are you addicted to Girl Scout Thin Mints?

It was time for a more lighthearted post. What better thing to write about than Girl Scout Cookies? Yum. The GS Thin Mints have always been my favorites. They’re still great, but they used to be even better. I found … Continue reading

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I never tried durian.

Plain Ol’ Vic says he hates durian, a fruit from Indonesia that’s illegal in many places due to its awful stink. There are people who love it though, and say it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it smells. I … Continue reading

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Cauliflower. No thank you. I can’t eat a vegetable that’s just wrong on every level. A vegetable should not be snow white and look like a cancerous tumor and smell like garbage. I don’t know why cauliflower is so popular. … Continue reading

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I’m stuffed, grateful and relieved it’s over.

We had a really nice day. The temperatures were in the 70s today and there was on and off rain all day. I felt more like I should be saying “Happy Easter” than “Merry Christmas.” We had dinner at my … Continue reading

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