Cauliflower. No thank you. I can’t eat a vegetable that’s just wrong on every level. A vegetable should not be snow white and look like a cancerous tumor and smell like garbage. I don’t know why cauliflower is so popular. It doesn’t even taste like anything. It’s horrible. Give me Brussels sprouts instead.   Everyone else seems to hate them (I saw the referred to once as “little balls of Hell”) but not me.  Even as a kid, I’d gobble them up as if they were cookies.  Smothered in butter, they’re yum.   They’re also cute as f*ck.

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  1. … bake it with white sauce, cheese and bacon. Increase amounts of cheese and bacon until it tastes good. I love sprouts and caulie (without the extras above). As a kid, my parents wouldn’t give me vegies – they’d have their plates loaded and mine without – ‘for adults only’, and ‘I wouldn’t like them’. ‘grudgingly’ they would let me have some to try – it was quite the manipulation! I ended up liking almost anything I was fed, because if I didn’t, I’d ‘miss out’ – so glad they did that …

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    • That’s what every parents should do–tell their kids they can’t have veggies and then the kids will want them! Reverse psychology works. 🙂


  2. I feel the SAME WAY about Brussels Sprouts; even as a kid I loved them, even boiled to mush by my cooking-impaired mother.

    I thought of them as Barbie Cabbages!

    The current Thing with cauliflower is fueled in part by the Low-Carb Community.

    We use it to make (get ready!) “Fauxtatoes” and other substitutes for starchy items.

    Interesting that the to me stronger qualities of the Sprouts bother you less!

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    • YES! Barbie cabbages!
      I read that it has to do with taste buds. Apparently sprouts have a chemical that tastes extremely bitter to some people, but some people don’t have receptors in their tongue for that chemical so to them, the sprouts taste good.

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  3. I am the exact opposite. I abhor brussel sprouts but I love cauliflower (either raw or steamed).


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