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Deviled eggs for Easter? Yes, please.

It’s that time of year again! Originally posted on April 16, 2017 I love deviled eggs, and there’s nothing more perfect for Easter.  They’re light but filling, and taste soooo good. Here’s a classic recipe for deviled eggs.  Personally, I … Continue reading

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Christmas lasagna.

I’m not Italian, but some years ago I started a Christmas tradition — lasagna! Why not lasagna? It’s a perfect Christmas meal.   It’s filling, hot, and has red and green in it (well, mine does, because I put spinach and … Continue reading

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I’m stuffed, grateful and relieved it’s over.

We had a really nice day. The temperatures were in the 70s today and there was on and off rain all day. I felt more like I should be saying “Happy Easter” than “Merry Christmas.” We had dinner at my … Continue reading

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Crock Pot® chili!

This is a very good chili recipe and so easy to make if you’re the proud owner of a Crock Pot® (I have no idea what I’d do without mine during the colder months). I made this today and it’s … Continue reading

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Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

Sometimes creative ideas come out of the prospect of having to throw something away. I was given a box of a dozen stale Krispy Kreme (plain glazed) donuts and they sat in my refrigerator for a week. When I tried … Continue reading

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Lucky Otter’s flourless mac ‘n’ cheese

Tonight’s dinner. I’ve been making this for years. My kids adored it when they were young and still do. It’s a very simple recipe and tastes great! And unlike other macaroni and cheese recipes, it uses no flour. I decided … Continue reading

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The best cake I ever ate.

When I was about 14, my mother and I spent a weekend in Connecticut with some Swedish friends of hers. I never forgot the cake they served. I think it was probably the best cake I ever had. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I would buy an entire case of these.

My foodie readers should be happy. 🙂 I simply cannot get enough of these. I usually am not a big fan of “health” bars, but these are fantastic! They are chewy and lemony (natural, not artificial lemon flavor), with an … Continue reading

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Anyone remember Merrimints? Well, they’re back (sort of)

As a child, my mother used to purchase boxes of Delson’s Merrimints for bridge and dinner parties. I wasn’t allowed to eat them, since they were for company, but I knew how to get to the high shelf in the … Continue reading

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I hate cream cheese icing!

The holidays are coming and the cold weather is here, and baking is on my mind. I adore red velvet cake, especially around the holidays, but every recipe I’ve seen for it says you must use cream cheese icing. But … Continue reading

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