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Anyone remember Merrimints? Well, they’re back (sort of)

As a child, my mother used to purchase boxes of Delson’s Merrimints for bridge and dinner parties. I wasn’t allowed to eat them, since they were for company, but I knew how to get to the high shelf in the … Continue reading

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Move over, Hershey’s. I’m a chocolate snob.

I admit it. I’m a chocolate snob.  Although I can barely afford it, you’ll always find me in the “gourmet chocolate” section of the candy department at the grocery store, drooling over (and sometimes buying) big dark chocolate bars studded … Continue reading

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Chicken wings: blech

I was going to write a short piece about why I hate chicken wings and why I think they’re incredibly overrated, but someone else beat me to it, so I’ll just repost their rant here. There’s nothing I can say … Continue reading

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