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I never tried durian.

Plain Ol’ Vic says he hates durian, a fruit from Indonesia that’s illegal in many places due to its awful stink. There are people who love it though, and say it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it smells. I … Continue reading

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Why all the obsessing over bacon?

I’ve noticed bacon has suddenly become very trendy. It’s like the new cupcake. Bacon bits, bacon and eggs, bacon ice cream, bacon scented candles, and now this: bacon hot chocolate? Someone gave this to me today. Seriously, who would drink … Continue reading

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The most disgusting dinner I ever ate

Last night my roommate decided to make dinner. She made tuna salad. I like tuna salad when made correctly, but I noticed it tasted sweet and had a strange lard-like texture. I asked her what she put in it. She … Continue reading

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