The most disgusting dinner I ever ate


Last night my roommate decided to make dinner. She made tuna salad. I like tuna salad when made correctly, but I noticed it tasted sweet and had a strange lard-like texture. I asked her what she put in it. She said she made it with margarine (because she hates mayo, same as me, but I like it in tuna salad) and SUGAR. Sugar, WTF, really? I almost spit it out right then and there. My appetite was completely lost and I couldn’t eat another bite so I when she wasn’t looking I gave the rest of it to my dog, Dexter.

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but this cartoon cracks me up.


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8 Responses to The most disgusting dinner I ever ate

  1. Ha! I love tuna salad, too, but people can be really weird about it. My husband will put mustard and sweet relish in it. What is with the need to add sweeteners to your tuna? Blech 😉

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    • luckyotter says:

      I can understand the mustard and relish even though its not my “can of tuna” so to speak, but margarine and sugar, blech is right.

      People are weird about tuna salad. I make mine with mayo and sometimes celery, pretty standard.

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  2. safirefalcon says:

    LoL poor Dexter.


  3. 2000ants says:

    Reblogged this on sandwich land and commented:
    oh man, that sounds terrible > 0 <


  4. 🙂 probably best you do dinner today

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