Birthday surprise.

Yes, today is my birthday, and my DD baked this cake for me!   It’s a white cake with vanilla buttercream (no cream cheese for me, please!) and coconut.  I just ate a piece and it’s yummy.   Would anyone else like some?  It’s a piece of cake!





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  1. I didn’t know, oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! that’s looks soooo yummy I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve coconut!
    so youre a Leo? rooaaarrr! very nice!

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      • aries!
        oh in cancer the crab are the northern and southern donkeys the messiah quoted and old testament verses speak of containing assellus borealis the “gate of man” which is said to be the escape and salvation of daughter zion!
        “look UP daughter zion your king comes to you lowly, on a donkey and her colt having salvation,fear not”
        strive to enter the straight and narrow gate
        mother and son
        in between these two constellations is a “straight and narrow gate” tidbit for your birthday sign!!!! its a BIG one!:)

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          • Gamma (γ) Cancer, Asellus borealis, the Northern Donkey; delta (δ) Asellus australis is the Southern Donkey.

            Among the stars of Cancer is a small grouping appearing on the back of the Crab’s shell which includes the Aselli, or Asses, along with Praesaepe (M44) the Beehive or Manger. Popularly this configuration was known as the “Manger”, or “Crib” in which Christ was born (it has been suggested that this is because Cancer was the “Gate of Man”). They were the Greek Onoi, or Asses, of the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy and the Greeks; the Aselli, or Asini (Asellus is the singular), of the Latins, and now popularly known as The Donkeys. Other names were “A Resting Place”, “Ending of a stop”, “The Aselline Starlets

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