Hot, tired, and in need of a good “beach” read.


It’s hot and humid, and I’m both physically tired and emotionally exhausted from everything that’s happened these past couple of weeks. ย  I’ll put up a post soon about my therapy session tonight (it might be on my other blog though), but tonight I’m just going to curl up with a $4 paperback novel I picked up at Dollar General until I fall asleep.

I might comment on a few blogs before I do that though.


16 thoughts on “Hot, tired, and in need of a good “beach” read.

      • sheesh, I don’t drive at all and depend on the metro/bus..walking
        anxiety too.
        interesting ,my first thought was the situation of the couple of “revolutionary road” Leonardo and Kate Winslet movie..


  1. oh by the way one of the best books ive ever read in my life I picked up for $1 at dollartree
    “Stolen Lives” by Malika Oufkir!
    her real life account of going from being a princess in a castle in Morocco to an underground dirt pit of a prison for 20 years!!!!
    talk about narcs!
    the king had her whole family thrown in the prison (just children) for something a relative had done..
    just reading how she adjusted to life after the release is . dont have word for it
    just her descriptions even about going to a grocery store to buy cheese..and the way she would hoard the cheese /buy too much.. for fear of starving.. many things.. like that. she was on oprah and it was an oprah book club selection and you would love it….
    another dollartree gem was windhaven
    they are always chock full of huge hardcover new York times bestelling author’s books at my local dollartree

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