Eating Blackberries.


I had a good day. It was a clear, sunny day, not a wisp of cloudiness. This was a welcome thing after two weeks straight of rainy, gloomy, humid, stormy weather. I went to church this morning and felt so energized when I left that I decided to finally mow the grass (after all the rain, it really needed it). It was very hot and the sweat poured off me so heavily that when I finished mowing I looked like I’d taken a swim (TMI: I sweat a lot)

I swept my porch, decorated now with green plastic lawn chairs covered with blue and green striped cushions and my newly painted green wooden table that I found at a yard sale about 8 years ago. I sat at the table, feeling the hot sun, listening to the summer birds, smelling my freshly mown grass, my bare feet propped on the table, and eating a tub of fresh blackberries from the fresh fruit stand down the road.

There’s nothing like the taste of fat, juicy blackberries on a hot lazy day. They taste like summer and happiness.

7 thoughts on “Eating Blackberries.

  1. Blackberries! I’m crazy about blackberries 🙂 There’s a patch of wild ones that grow right down the road from us; the people who own the yard don’t seem to care one way or the other about them, so we pick them, take them home, rinse them, and eat them!

    That sounds like a wonderful day. 🙂

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    • I actually have blackberry bushes growing in the back of the yard, but thye are wild and you can never get any edible berries because (1) the birds get to them first, and (2) the few that the birds miss are way up high where you can’t reach them and there’s lots of thorns. So unfortunately the ones on the bushes I don’t eat.


      • Aw, that’s too bad 😦 I personally like wild ones better than cultivated; I think it’s because the only blackberries I ate as a young child were wild, so the cultivated ones kind of, um, surprised me. XD

        But yes, there is a risk that something will happen to them before you can eat any!

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