The best-tasting healthy stuff I ever drank.


I love smoothies, but I’m too lazy to ever make them myself.   I’m not the home juicer type of person.  I hate cleaning up the mess.

Most grocery stores sell Naked brand smoothies, and they are delicious!   Bolthouse is good too, but a little too thick for my taste, and I have never tried Odwalla.

My favorite flavor is this one, called “Green Machine.”    It looks hella weird, kind of a muddy green color not unlike algae, but it tastes incredible.  It has spirulina and veggies in it, along with all kinds of fruits, and no added sugar or HFCS.    I feel healthier every time I drink it.  I’m not sure if that’s just some kind of placebo effect (because I believe it’s doing me good) or if I’m really feeling all those vitamins and minerals doing their work in my body.

Blue Machine, stuffed with blueberries and blackberries, is my second favorite, but sometimes it gives me heartburn.   Green Machine doesn’t do that.

I took photos of both the front and back of the bottle, so you can see exactly what’s in it!