People who Capitalize random Words for no Reason.


I’ve noticed something a lot of people do on social media: capitalizing random words.   There doesn’t seem to be a reason for these words to be capitalized since they are not proper names, place names, or titles.   The people who write sentences containing randomly capitalized words seem educated and intelligent otherwise, so I wonder if it’s just some new Meme or trend that’s circulating the web.  (See what I did there?)

Many people find the random capitalization annoying, and I can understand why, especially if you’re one of those sticklers for grammar (the politically incorrect term is Grammar Nazis).    I appreciate good grammar, but I don’t consider myself a grammar nazi.    When it comes to these Randomly capitalized Words, I find it amusing, even hilarious. I really don’t know why.   Perhaps it’s the silliness of capitalizing an Unimportant Word that I find so incongruous and therefore funny.   After all, humor always arises from the unexpected.


Examples I have seen lately:

My weimeraner* dog tried to eat my Cat.

The Russian Mob that has overtaken the white house* needs to be rounded up and sent to Siberia.   (*aside here:  another thing I’ve noticed is people NOT capitalizing words that SHOULD be capitalized, and that seems deliberate too).

My therapist tried to put me on Crazy Pills but I refused and walked out.   (is ‘Crazy Pills’ a new brand name? Should I ask my Doctor if they are right for me?)

My wife just purchased a Shit ton of new Throw Pillows.  What are they good for, except throwing around because they’re always in the way.

I don’t understand why so many people want to act like Sociopaths, like it’s Cool or something?

I have to admit, I’ve been Guilty of capitalizing Random words myself, just because I think it’s Funny and I always wonder if anyone will Notice.

Here’s a thread from the Straight Dope Message Board that delves more deeply into the phenomenon:

How do you feel about people capitalizing random words?


18 thoughts on “People who Capitalize random Words for no Reason.

    • Aha! Maybe that’s what it is. People typing on their smartphones. I’ve also seen completely random words which is a dead giveaway the person is typing on a smartphone. I never write a blog post from a smartphone. I hate typing on those things. Maybe humans will evolve tiny fingers to adapt to smartphones. Who knows?

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  1. It’s an odd one, certainly – it leaves me more bemused than anything. I find it more annoying in signs and posters, sometimes my phone auto-capitalises words for no apparent reason so in messages and social media posts I don’t pay it too much attention. I am afraid that my inner grammar Nazi does make an appearance when it happens in ‘official’ documents!

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  2. Allow me to Capitolize on this by using the wrong form of the word intended. Sort of represents the chaos on capital hill. Sorry, I meant Capital Hill, Some of us just may not know or, we have a psychological need to push buttons to annoy others. I have yet to be diagnosed but, according to my wife, there is every possibility. i DisagreE!

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  3. I do so for emphasis – and this is as close to that ***minefield*** named social (gamesmanship) media as I get. (Don’t do fakebook, twit-ter, or the other paradigms of bogusity. No – they’re full of bullies…)

    On second thought, not merely emphasis. I’m often trying to commit a complex pictorial comprehension into words – and plain words unadorned aren’t good enough to even try!

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    • I read some people capitalize a word to emphasize that word. I’ve also seen *asterisks* used, but why not just italicize or put it in bold?


  4. Oh my God…I adore you! I don’t know exactly how I found your blog, but I’m so happy I did! You are simply MARVELOUS!

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  5. Not certain how to do those things on this, er, device – or in other ersatz-mail-like environments. Hence, the best I can do is try to substitute matters.

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