Can anyone help?

I was changing around a few things in Custom Design, and I completely messed up with the color of the header.  I don’t use a Menu — these are the default headings used in Twenty Ten with additional items added to it.  Custom design allows me to change the color from the default black to a different color, also the hover colors.  I have been able to change both colors before, but when I was changing things around today I somehow turned this section BRIGHT PINK which doesn’t go with my background and theme AT ALL and I am very upset.  I have no idea how to change my pallet without deleting the background painting.   I can’t seem to talk to anyone live, but I did send an email to the “happiness engineers.”  I don’t find the forums helpful.  Is there anyone who can help with this?

ETA:  I was able to go back to the default black (with gray hovers) and it’s okay, but I think I’d prefer a different color.


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  1. Did you get it sorted out? I checked out my site using 2010, and played around with it a bit, to try to figure out the problem. Looks like you can click on “options” and get some variety in combining the background picture and color.

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