Adventures of S.K. “The Loser”: cartoon diary of myself at age 22 (two of two)

My expression here definitely reflected my attitude at the time about dating.

This second cartoon story (also drawn in 1981) describes the way I longed for a fulfilling romantic relationship, but at the same time was quite ambivalent about the prospect, not having had good role models with my own parents’ marriage, and living in a time where marriage and family were still looked upon as a second-rate occupation for women who were “losers”, i.e. couldn’t do anything else. And yet I still longed for that dream husband and family…

As it turned out, I didn’t marry until I was 27–5 years after I drew this cartoon. Of course, THAT relationship was far from ideal. In the mental state I was in (and already attracted to narcissistic men), I was right to be wary!

The first cartoon story can be seen here.












I really wish I would have continued this hobby…


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    • I might like to continue this…only update it, these are from a early 80s perspective. Still there could be historical interest here. The trouble is, I don’t draw as well as I used to. I think I was good at capturing expressions tho.

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      • Well, I think with a little practice you could draw just as well now. Its amazing how things come back to you when you don’t think that they will. And the perspective from back then would bring interest to those of us who grew up in the 80’s. You’ll never know if this is something that could be a future for you unless you try. In my opinion. I think its worth a shot. I really do think that you have a ton of talent. And it’s all bottled up, just waiting to be unleashed upon the world! You’re an artist, it’s obvious to me! 🙂

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        • Awwww ❤ I might start up with this again, I remember how much fun it was for me when I was making these. I have no idea why I stopped. I had so much trouble sticking with anything.
          You're right though– I thought I forgot how to write too, and I didn't. I probably didn't forget how to draw either.

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  1. I agree with everything Michelle wrote. How cool are these drawings and this comic. LOVE it.
    I’m so envious of people who can draw. Something I’ve never been good at…except some doodling. That would be great to pursue this.

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    • I used to always doodle in my notebooks as a child, textbooks too (I got in trouble for that, haha). I was taking art classes at the time, maybe I should sign up for another art class at the community college, which might inspire me. I always loved cartooning in particular.

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      • An art class would be fun. We have a few art centers around here that offer classes at different times through the year. They’re expensive though. Then there’s the adult school nights, where adults can take an assortment of classes at some of the local schools.

        It would be a fun way to get out and meet people too.

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      • Yes. I am amazed by your talent. I hope you do start drawing again.

        By the way, I can so relate to “The Loser” title. For years, a song that often went round and round in my head was: “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me.” I actually told people that “Loser” was the theme song to my life.

        I don’t do that to myself any more, I’m happy to say.

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        • Oh, yes, that was Beck. Great song, btw. “I’m a loser, baby, so why don’t you kill me.” It wasn’t really targeted at my generation (I’m really a butt end boomer, or as I prefer a Generation Joneser which has traits of X) but I could so relate. I love 90s music.

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          • I like most kinds of music. I’ve written a few songs, too. A rap song, a gospel song, a Christmas Carol, a handful of Doris Day type songs, and my favorite, the one I call my Optimistic Blues song. 🙂

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            • You wrote a rap song? Wow. Well why not? I love all kinds of music. I listen to anything from the 60s – current (early 2000s music kind of sucked though). I also love classical, bluegrass, songs from musicals, some Christian, and modern country (yes, I even like bro country–it’s my guilty pleasure). I’m pretty eclectic and I guess you can tell I love music in general because I write about it so much and post so many videos.
              The only kind of music I really, really dislike is death/thrash/speed metal. It’s just noise to me.

              I would like to hear or see some of the songs you wrote. I write poetry sometimes (I used to write a lot more) but never wrote a song.

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            • A song is just a poem set to music, so I know you could do it.

              I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll make some videos of me singing my songs, with the lyrics, and post them on YouTube for my kids and grandkids. But, I don’t know… singing acapello or however you spell that word, singing without musical instruments to accompany me, is scary.

              The rap song I wrote when my kids were teens. I used to rap-sing it in front of their friends, just to embarrass my kids. It worked every time. (NO MOM NOT THE BOOGER SONG!) My rap song is about boogers, hehe.

              There is a United Methodist church in Pennsylvania that added my gospel song to their own songbook. Last time I talked to someone from there, they were still singing it. That made me feel good.

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            • That’s so awesome they are still using your song in that church! I know that must be a great feeling.
              I wish I knew how to write music, I always marveled at people who could write lyrics and then think of a tune to set it to.
              Sometimes I have these dreams where I can swear I hear a tune I have never heard before…and they’re great tunes…but they always fade, and I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to write it down anyway. But I guess somewhere deep in my brain, a part of me is composing music. I have a great affinity for music, but never thought I had any ability. But maybe if somehow I could bring those dream tunes into my consciousness, I could actually compose a song.

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            • You probably could. I don’t write music, either. I had to sing my gospel song to someone who knew how to write music, to get it in the hymnal. He didn’t get it exactly right, but that’s ok.

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  2. Looks too good to be true! Ironic that “loser” looks like a gem. Definitely a possible career here… not sure about the state of comic publications, though. Like publishing books—so many—a tough sell.

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