Taking nature pictures soothes me.

The world, in spite of climate change, burning rainforests, and widespread hatred and violence, is still a beautiful place, with so many beautiful and fascinating things in it.

I find taking pictures like these soothing to my soul.

The first photo is of an enormous praying mantis on the screen of my front porch (I believe this guy was close to four inches long!).  The second is of an oak tree in my neighborhood, that by the size of its massive trunk looks to be even older than I am, and perhaps even a hundred or more years old.   It sure looks healthy though, like it could live for another hundred, and it just might!





12 thoughts on “Taking nature pictures soothes me.

  1. I’d like to add that your blog helps keep me sane. I relate to you, I find you to be honest and level-headed etc. And to think they give Borderline’s a bad rap. We happen to be more loyal and loving than most people. I’m going to church now and I met this woman who is mentoring me and she explained that in the world, good is bad and bad is good. That about summed it up. Just wanted to share that with you.

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  2. What a beautiful oak tree! A few days ago, we had a very large, green praying mantis clinging to the wall just outside our back door. Our big dog, a 70 pound mystery mix that we named Baby, sniffed all over the mantis. But the bug didn’t even move. I was wishing I had my camera.

    Nature is crazy sometimes but very cool. I took the trash down to the dumpster behind our house recently and saw a reptile I had never seen before. I googled, and learned that it was a Texas Horned Lizard, even though I live in New Mexico, lol. According to Wikipedia, the Horned Lizard can squirt a toxic smelling blood out of its eyes and mouth, up to five feet away, to scare off predators. How creepy/cool is that!

    I need to carry my camera or at least my phone more often. Thanks for sharing these pictures! By the way, I keep looking up the weather report for where you live, hoping you stay well out of the hurricane. 💘💘

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    • You have some odd animals there in New Mexico! But really cool ones, too. That’s so weird about the Texas Horned Lizard being able to squirt blood out of its eyes to scare off predators. Like you said, nature sure is crazy sometimes! But so ingenious too.

      I’m in no danger here from Dorian. I’m in the western part of NC anyway, which means we aren’t vulnerable to hurricanes here. Sometimes we can get flooding rains or thunderstorms from the outer bands as they pass through or when they start breaking up and moving through here on their way north. If we take a direct hit from one, it’s a freak occurrence. But thank you for your concern!

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