Pool therapy.


I really needed this today.  I’ve been soooo stressed lately due to family and financial issues, and haven’t had much opportunity to get to the pool or do much of anything recreational this summer.

I arrived at the local public pool early, while it was still almost empty, and just floated on my back in the deep end for a long time (just like an otter!)

The feeling of weightlessness combined with the hot sun beating down on my body seemed to take all my built up stress away.  I could have stayed like that all day, even maybe falling asleep, but soon the pool was crowded with kids and rain clouds began to roll in, so I spend the remainder of my time taking these pictures, which are intended to be artistic but probably aren’t really.





The above photo:  looking down into 12 feet of water. The dark part on the right is the shadow cast by the side of the pool.  This is my favorite picture because of its slight creepiness.


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    • I’m not sure, since I usually get there late. This is the last day they’re open for the summer (boo) and they don’t open til 1 on sundays, but it’s supposed to rain later, so double boo.

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      • That’s an early closing. That sucks.

        Reading your post and looking at your pics reminded me of when my family belonged to a swim club when I was young. I used to love it there. But when I think about it now, I remember it would get really crowded and there were lots of us kids. Something that obviously didn’t bother me too much back then because I was one of those kids, splashing around and playing.

        The swim club would have an “adult swim” at 3pm every day (only for like 15 minutes though) to give the adults some time without all the kids splashing and carrying on. Lol

        I have never been to a public pool before. I should look into it. Because I’m not in any place to join a private one. As an adult, I would def rather get there before too many kids, for the peace factor.

        Oh yeah, and the swim clubs stay open through Labor day weekend. In fact, Labor day was a big deal with games and some other cool stuff.

        Do they close that pool because school goes back so early now?

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        • I’m not sure why they close this early. I’m sure they could get retirees to man the desk and younger adults as lifeguards.
          Keeping it open longer could make extra money for the school too. Keep it open on the weekends, at least.

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