Thank God my vacation is finally here!


I’ve been feeling more anxious and depressed every day about the political situation, and I don’t feel like any of our efforts are really helping.   Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind.   It’s so easy to get bogged down in negativity, fear and hopelessness when the opposition is so nasty and overwhelming and you no longer have the slightest doubt of the horrifying reality that you are being held hostage in your own country — a country that is being run by the worst human beings imaginable.

I definitely need to clear my head and get away from all that for awhile.  My annual trip to Florida to visit my son can’t get here soon enough.   I leave tomorrow before dawn (I love driving before dawn on a long road trip — here’s an article I wrote in 2016 about that).   Depending on traffic, we should arrive in Tampa (that’s where he lives now) late in the day.

Our hotel has a lovely pool and hot tub, and serves continental breakfast.  We’ll be spending time with my son when we can (he can’t get off work).  I think this time one of the plans is to hit Treasure Island!  We had planned to go last year but never got around to it.

After four days there, my daughter and I are driving to Clearwater Beach and spending four days there, right on the beach!

I’ll be posting pictures, so keep checking back!


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11 thoughts on “Thank God my vacation is finally here!

  1. Why do you feel hopeless about the political situation? We are on the verge of a blue wave. I think there’s something in the Bible about Satan knowing his time is short is full of fury. The GOP, too, is full of fury. But we will win. Doesn’t it seem almost inevitable? Sure, they have power in the moment and it is ugly but, to repeat a cliche, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

    Florida! Lucky you! I wish I were there. And your family around you! As a retiree, I guess it’s always vacation. But no money for traveling so it’s boring. But we are getting some warm weather.

    Did you see the blog post I wrote today about how I think the right wing is deceiving some folk. They are so gullible! How anyone can be fooled by Newsmax is beyond me. But I hope my analysis can help someone see through it. Anyway, it helps me to understand.

    Have an awesome vacation.

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    • Yes, I do feel hopeful about the blue wave in November. But I’m a natural pessimist, and the news every day is just so terrible.
      And the people are so terrible, it really bothers me. As a pessimist, I worry about attempts to suppress voting, gerrymandering, Russian influence, etc. You know, all the things we keep hearing about. But yes, we are motivated! It’s about time.

      I’ll definitely check out your post later or tomorrow night, since I’m packing now, and am hitting the sack early. But I will definitely read it because all your posts are so interesting.


  2. Have a grand safe trip. I live two hours south of Tampa and the weather is great. If you can get time go to Busch Gardens for a day. We go three to four times a year. Hugs

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    • I’l ask my son about Busch Gardens — pretty sure he’s been there! And thanks for the safe wishes! I’m sure we’ll have a great time and I’ll nbe checking in.

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  3. Ah, Florida.

    Will you chase the python(s)? Note that ‘burms’ (common nickname for burmese pythons among reptile fanciers) are actually quite *nice* snakes, if one makes allowance for their size when grown. They usually have quite good temperaments, and seem quite currious. (The ones I’ve seen seemed currious, anyway.)

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