The Golden Rule in different religions.


Almost all world religions preach some form of the Golden Rule.   We should all strive to be good to each other and treat others as we want to be treated ourselves, and most religions recognize that.  We need to stop hating each other over our differences, and instead come together over our similarities.  To insist that wanting to find common ground with people of other faiths is something evil or diabolical is a huge lie that many of us are told.

Only a very few religions do not believe in or practice the Golden Rule.  Satanism generally doesn’t, but Anton LaVey’s version of Satanism (which is really just libertarianism dressed up with some “black magic” and its own “bible” — LaVey Satanists are actually atheists) does ask its followers to at least not hurt others or destroy the environment while you’re busy being a selfish SOB.  Most Pagan religions, including Wicca, follow some form of the Golden Rule too.  Many atheists also practice the Golden Rule as a matter of personal choice.  I think it’s ridiculous to suggest that a person can’t have morals or a conscience unless they believe in God or some higher intelligence.  Some of the most moral, caring, and compassionate people I can think of are atheists and agnostics.

There have been many violent and hateful religions as long as mankind has been on earth, but today the two most obvious examples that come to my mind are the twisted extremist perversions of Islam and Christianity known respectively as radical Islam and Christian Dominionism, both which seem to regard the Golden Rule as sinful or wrong and prefer to use the rhetoric of fear, terror, war and battle to achieve domination.  I have heard there’s an extremist branch of Hinduism that is like this too.  There may be others.  There are certainly many cults as well with nefarious goals and anti-social doctrine.

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  1. Lucky Otter, why don’t you google “Scientology Golden Rule” and see what you can find. I mean, before spreading false information. Blogger ethics and so on.

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      • they call it a rule of reciprocity and have replaced it with two rules instead. I don’t see the point of saying you were spreading “false information” as you never mentioned that particular cult nor did the image.

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  2. Hinduism has some radicals but it is a very small percentage. I feel there are devils everywhere. In some plaes and religions, sadly they are able to garner a larger fan following.

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  3. Dear Lucky and Friends, with so many religions available, and yet can’t help but to notice that when people deconvert from the Christian faith, they usually profess no religion. It’s as if there is something missing from religion in general. Yeah, something missing alright. Nuf said, think i’ll shaddup now. Have a great day everyone.

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  4. Hi Lucky, First time reader here. Wow, what a great blog, informative AND fun. I did the “I write like” test. First, it came up with Anne Rice and then Dan Brown. LOL. Loved the cat music too.

    I’m Skylar, the author and originator of The Gray Rock Method 2012.
    I noticed that you did a post about it and wanted to talk with you but couldn’t find a contact page or email link. Can you please contact me? It’s about your Gray Rock article and kinda important. I don’t know if you’ll be able to see my contact info below. If not, you can find me at my blog, The contact info is under “About”.

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    • Hi Skylar, I no longer provide my email under contact info (too many emails to keep up with so I had to remove it) but you can email me privately at:

      If you see this, you are certainly welcome to send me an email with your concerns. If you simply wanted to post the article I wrote (or anything else on my blog), on your site, just give credit and link back to the article here. I’ll visit your blog too, and try to leave you a message there as well.
      Hope you see this! Take care.


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