My go-to, one-minute therapy for anxiety and depression.

This is an old video from 2007 showing two cats (they are both female, and both about ten years old at the time this video was made) having a “conversation.”

The cats are not just adorable, but their trilling, purring, and cooing noises and soft little vocalizations are so relaxing I could listen to them on endless loop.

Besides the relaxing effect, I also noticed my mood always improves dramatically after viewing this video (or other ones like it).    It’s incredible how something so simple can improve your entire outlook.

I wonder what the cats were talking about.   Whatever it was, it’s clear these kitties love each other.

If you want something a little longer that has the same relaxing and soothing effect, I recommend this beautiful video of a mom cat and her adorable, playful kittens.




9 thoughts on “My go-to, one-minute therapy for anxiety and depression.

  1. These are just adorable videos…. People can make fun of kitten videos all they want, but they are very soothing indeed! Thanks for sharing, I’ll watch them again, even if I knew both already 😉

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  2. These kitty videos are great! Thank you for sharing them.

    I had to use headphones, to keep our two dogs from going ballistic. I was always a cat person, before I married my husband 14 years ago. He is so allergic to cats that after just a couple of minutes in a room where a cat has recently been, his eyes swell almost shut. Our rescue dogs are comforting, too. But not like cats.

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  3. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and a glow in my heart. In the feline/human colony in which I live, we have a mother cat (brought to our home while pregnant by local animal control) who gave birth to two male kittens. All three felines are still with us as treasured family members. The video of the mother cat nursing her young brought back memories of our Lolly after she gave birth. And the video of the two cats talking with and grooming each other is a daily event in our home, c/o Lolly’s two sons, Stripe and Buzz, inseparable since birth. We have so much to learn from our cats, dogs, and other nonhuman family members. Maybe that’s why they come into our lives.

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