“Praying” documents Kesha’s transformation from bad girl to mature woman.

I heard this song, “Praying,” for the first time today and when I found out it was Kesha I thought I was being punked.

I’m blown away by Kesha’s transformation from her shallow, partying “Tik Tok” days to the woman she has become.  I’m also blown away by her incredible, powerful voice.  I always thought she was a lightweight vocally, more a rapper than a singer really.  How wrong I was!

The raw emotion and spiritual depth she shows here is so different from the cartoonish “bad girl” image of 2009.   She fought hard to get here.

Yes, the dollar sign in her name is gone.   It would no longer fit.   Something tells me she was never that shallow, cartoonish bad girl, but was always a butterfly struggling to emerge from its chrysalis.   I’m a fan now (though truth be told, “Tik Tok” was damn catchy).

This song is emotionally cathartic for me.   It may be for you too.

“Praying” was released last year. Kesha is a warrior who not only managed to conquer her own demons of bulimia and depression, she also held her own against a controlling and abusive manager who tried to destroy her. From her psinful struggle, she learned that it’s from the greatest pain that empathy can be born and true forgiveness can occur. Few ever learn this valuable truth. She writes:

“Praying” was written about that moment when the sun starts peeking through the darkest storm clouds, creating the most beautiful rainbow. Once you realize that you will in fact be OK, you want to spread love and healing. If you feel like someone has wronged you, get rid of that hate, because it will just create more negativity. One thing that has brought me great relief is praying for those people. Being angry and resentful will do nothing but increase your own stress and anxiety — and hate is the fuel that grows the viruses. Don’t let anyone steal your happiness!

In this emotional interview from Good Morning America, Kesha talks about her spiritual and emotional journey (and sings too).


12 thoughts on ““Praying” documents Kesha’s transformation from bad girl to mature woman.

  1. yu do know shes a man right? that the stuff she went through he went through is far far more hideous than anything she hints at..
    tranny.. fairly decent likeable tranny ,,, but still atranny.
    shes got a pontiac firebird for fucks sake,, a firebird ,, and shoulders like a linebacker,,, yu really are uin deep down that rabbit hole otter or yur one of em..


    • You must be one of those people who believes in Pizzagate or that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. Maybe you’re even one of those people who thinks the earth is flat or the Holocaust never happened. People like you also think Michelle Obama is a man.

      It’s not hard to find old videos from Kesha’s childhood that prove she was born female. In fact, one of the songs from her new album “Rainbow” shows clips of her when she was about 4 and she was definitely not a male. Just because someone has a “boyish” build, especially when in their teens and early 20s, as she was during her Tik Tok days, doesn’t mean they are a “tranny” or were a man once. Not every young woman is curvy. She had bulimia and many bulimics are very thin. She’s put on a few pounds and has more womanly curves now. People come in all different shapes and sizes.
      As for the broad “linebacker” shoulders, I have them too. And I’m definitely not a man.

      And even if she was transgender (which she isn’t), why does that invalidate the message being conveyed by her music? Does that mean their feelings aren’t real?


  2. Amazing change!!!! We can all change drastically for better when awareness becomes evidence and becomes the path to follow . Kesha is one of the best singers. I do miss her old her because it reminds me of my old me … I dont regret anything only the bad people i met on the way amd having let them done their way.. Anyway a new path full of peace and new hopes and dreams is the best that can happen when you feel that chamge has to come because there is no where else to go. The moment you realize you are lost, its the best you cam receive from life and God. Thanks for the blog Lauren! ❤️. Love the praying song by the way. Amazing lyrics.

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    • Kesha has the same attitude as you about her earlier self. Some artists, when they change styles, try to forget that old self existed and refuse to perform anything from before they changed, but Kesha’s relationship with her old style is like abig sister/little sister. She said, “That is still part of me…just a younger, wilder part of me.” She still performs “Tik Tok” and other older pop tunes at her shows, but that style doesn’t really suit her anymore. She’s better at what she does now.

      I always thought Kesha was on drugs, but she never was. It turns out her manager was abusing her and refused to let her grow as an artist, and she was suffering from bulimia. She cries almost every time she performs “Prayer,” mostly because she says she is so grateful for all the support she has received.

      Sometimes you have to go through the deepest darkness to reach the light, and that’s what she has done. She’s very inspiring.

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    • It’s very cathartic to me. I’ve been listening to it on repeat today and every time it plays the tears just start to roll. The raw emotion in her voice rips through my soul.

      I haven’t cried in awhile, but I feel like there’s lots to cry about right now (the political situation and the danger the whole world and humanity itself is in , not to mention how worried I am about my kids’ and my own future here) and haven’t been able to. This song brings on the waterworks and it’s strangely liberating!

      Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” has the same effect on me as this.

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      • Oh I completely understand. It has a way of making you reach for those emotions you desperately try to bottle up and then feel empowered for letting them bubble to the surface. I may get emotional about loads of songs but I rarely feel the way I do with Praying. So good.

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