Being Lazy…

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Mouahahahahaha…  What an image!

I have a lot of things to do. Some cleaning around the appartment, snow shoveling of the back balcony and stairs. I have some shopping to do, and I could cook a little to have lunches ready for the upcomming days of work. Am I doing any of the previously mentionned? No…

I am comfortably lying on the couch, and made sure not to want to get up by wrapping myself in my favorite blanket, and bringing big cushions for my back… I decided to draw myself a hot bath, meaning I can’t clean clothes right away, because the washer and dryer are in the bathroom, and the sound they make interfere with me trying to relax. (Ok, I am already pretty relaxed already, but still… Can’t be too relax, right?)

I am eating Genoa Salami considering kicking myself in the b*tt to be more productive…

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I’m a procrastinator.  I even procrastinate about things I WANT to do.   Like right now, I have several over-a-week-old emails from readers I have yet to reply to, a good Facebook friend inbox’d me several days ago and I have yet to respond to her,  and there’s a post I really want to write about my therapy session tonight but I’m just feeling too lazy to write it.

It weighs on my mind heavily that I really need to do these things and there’s no pain in doing them (in fact, they’re enjoyable), so why am I still procrastinating?   Why am I writing this post about procrastination instead of replying to my emails, talking to my friend, or writing a more interesting post than this one?

I don’t have the answer to that.   I think I’ll write the post tonight, and do the other stuff tomorrow night.

Also, the word procrastination looks and sounds a little absurd.



Meh. Today wasn’t a very good day. Low activity on this blog today and I got absolutely nothing done. I started to read but only got through about 2 pages and then fell asleep. Then I just slept most of the day and didn’t even go outside even though it was beautiful and sunny out. Now I have too many things to do tomorrow. Then back to work on Monday. Ugh.

I didn’t even post much on this blog today. Just one article, but I don’t think it’s one of my better ones.

I got called out by another blogger for an article I wrote in November where apparently I gave some misinformation about MPD (not NPD). I could have argued with this blogger (who suffers from that disorder) to keep it up by updating my outdated information (MPD is now called DID–Dissociative Identity Disorder in the most current DSM) and correcting the misinformation, but the blogger told me I also insulted all people with DID by saying their personalities were “fragmented” instead of calling them “alters.”

It seems like I’m inadvertently insulting a lot of people lately. What’s up with that? I hate insulting anyone.

In spite of pointing out my Disclaimer and explaining my blog focused on NPD and to a lesser extent on other mental disorders and conditions, this blogger snarkily questioned me about what made me qualified to even write about NPD since I didn’t suffer from the condition myself? (I guess my Disclaimer wasn’t enough). So I just deleted the whole thing. Like the one I wrote today, that one wasn’t one of my best articles anyway. (I checked and this is a legitimate blogger, not a particular other person whose recent anger at me might cause them to want to troll my site or sneak attack, even though they apologized. I’m always so damned hypervigilant).

I’m inexplicably depressed. When I’m depressed I just lie around doing nothing at all. And sleep a lot. And there’s no food in the house because I’m too lazy to go out and get any. I wonder if there’s a can of soup or some eggs or something.

I did get my W2 today though, but every year I worry that I won’t get a refund or have to owe, even though that’s patently ridiculous since I make next to nothing.