I’m a procrastinator.  I even procrastinate about things I WANT to do.   Like right now, I have several over-a-week-old emails from readers I have yet to reply to, a good Facebook friend inbox’d me several days ago and I have yet to respond to her,  and there’s a post I really want to write about my therapy session tonight but I’m just feeling too lazy to write it.

It weighs on my mind heavily that I really need to do these things and there’s no pain in doing them (in fact, they’re enjoyable), so why am I still procrastinating?   Why am I writing this post about procrastination instead of replying to my emails, talking to my friend, or writing a more interesting post than this one?

I don’t have the answer to that.   I think I’ll write the post tonight, and do the other stuff tomorrow night.

Also, the word procrastination looks and sounds a little absurd.


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Recovering from BPD and C-PTSD due to narcissistic abuse from childhood. Married to a sociopath for 20 years. Proud INFJ, Enneagram type 4w5. Animal lover, music lover, cat mom, unapologetic geek, fan of the absurd, progressive Catholic, mom to 2, mental illness stigma activist, anti-Trumper. #RESISTANCE
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13 Responses to Procrastination.

  1. draughtrider says:

    If you’d posted this blog entry when you should have rather than putting it off until now, it would have been less relevant 😉

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  2. Tony Burgess says:

    I am going to wait til later to respond to this post :).

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  3. I’m not sure if I should respond now or do it tomorrow, what do you think 😉

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  4. We are in need of Procrastinators Anonymous. But then we’d all put off attending meetings until the next one.

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  5. Here’s the thing about procrastination: every once in awhile, it pays off… just frequently enough to make me think it’s not really such a bad thing. When I was in college (40+ years ago), there were some yucky required courses I really didn’t want to take, and so I kept putting them off — and right before my senior year, the requirements were changed, and I ended up not having to take them after all. Sometimes I’ll put off buying something I really need, because I’m a natural born skinflint and don’t like to spend money, and then the thing will go on sale and I can buy it for much less. When you get rewarded for being a procrastinator, it reinforces the tendency and makes it that much harder to overcome.

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  6. hbsuefred says:

    Procrastination is pretty much how I live my life these days, unless I’ve made a commitment to someone else to do something by a certain deadline. I’m lucky, since in most things now I only have myself to please and my own standards to satisfy. If I don’t get something I want to do done now, I’ll still be able to do it later. And I don’t beat myself up any more for having that attitude.


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