Trump signing Bibles makes a mockery of faith.


Just as ripping babies from their mothers at the border and throwing them in cages makes a mockery of America’s legacy of compassion for immigrants, and Trump’s tax breaks for the rich and endless fruitless investigations into people he considers his enemies make a mockery of democracy, Trump signing Bibles for Alabama tornado victims yesterday makes a mockery of Christianity, and even faith itself.

Trump’s faked empathy for people in a red state like Alabama, while victims of the California wildfires and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico got nothing but disdain from this president, says more about Trump’s narcissism and the fact that the people in Alabama are much more likely to be part of his base (and therefore vote for him in 2020) than people in California.   And of course, as far as Trump is concerned, Puerto Rico isn’t even part of the United States, but a “shithole country” full of those brown people he doesn’t like, and as they can’t vote anyway, they certainly won’t be casting a ballot for him.  So why bother helping them in their time of need?   There’s nothing in it for him.

But beyond the selective “empathy” he’s showering on tornado stricken Alabamians, the Bible signing he staged for his evangelical base is far more unsettling.

Although it may seem like a minor thing,  I actually think it’s one of the most sinister things Trump has done (outside of atrocities like throwing babies in cages at the border or taking away healthcare from those who most need it, etc.).   Many people, even atheists and nonChristians, are also deeply unsettled by it.  


How is it possible that people outside the Christian faith can see how diabolical this is, but Trump evangelicals, who pride themselves on how “Christian” they are, can’t?  Maybe it’s because they have enough distance from the situation that they aren’t blinded to the truth: in signing Bibles as if he himself is the author, Trump is actually attacking true Christianity, which rejects everything he stands for.  In signing Bibles for his gullible and cultlike  base, he is also consciously or unconsciously equating himself with God (“I alone can fix it.”)

Trump and his dominionist and far right evangelical donors and sycophants (I’m looking at you, Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr.)  have twisted Christ’s message of love and unity into its polar opposite.  Instead of teaching compassion for the needy, humility, and a life of service, and the recognition that “God’s kingdom is not of this world,” these fake Christians celebrate greed, unfettered capitalism (no protections against corporate excess and exploitation), destruction of the planet in the name of corporate profits, the torture of children and families, the denial of healthcare, and the oppression and removal of basic rights for women and people of color. They turn a blind eye to sexual abuse and infidelity (as long as the guilty party is a Republican), and they worship a hateful, narcissistic, eternally angry, vengeful diety who hates the sick, the poor, and foreigners, and rewards the wealthy and powerful with even more wealth and power, to whom he has given “dominion” to rule over the rest of us.

“Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  “All this I will give You,” he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.”  — Matthew 4:9 

If Satan is real, this is exactly what he would do.   What better way to turn good people away from Christianity (or in the case of Islam, the Taliban/ISIS is used the same way) and at the same time attract sadists and sociopaths?   Do you think the devil would be transparent and use things like pentagrams?  Nope.  That would be too obvious. 

Trump signing Bibles (he not only signed them, he signed their covers!) as if he’s the author makes a mockery of Christianity (and the Abrahamic religions in general), as well as violates both the first and second commandments.   God has not elevated a serial adulterer, sociopathic narcissist, torturer of innocents, and treasonous criminal like Donald Trump to some exalted favored status, and anyone who believes Trump is God’s chosen is listening to the wrong preacher.

Although Christianity can and has been used for the betterment of humanity, it has also been used to justify slavery, genocide, torture, and other atrocities. That’s why the separation of church and state is so important to democracy, and to my way of thinking, democracy is the most Christlike, humane form of government possible.

If you’re a Christian (and even if you’re not), I highly recommend these awesome progressive Christian blogs (and the last one by a former evangelical who discusses the abuses of the New American Evangelism from personal experience).

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Trump supporting evangelicals are today’s Pharisees.   Many evangelicals of the dominionist persuasion (an increasing number of evangelicals and fundamentalists — and even some very conservative Catholics — have fallen prey to this dangerous Christofascist movement) even call themselves “prophets and apostles.”    Use your God given discretion when dealing with people who claim to be “anointed” or have certain “gifts of the Spirit.”

“By their fruits you will know them.”  (Matthew 7:16-20)

Narcissistic Supply.

I have one last concern, and it’s probably the most important one of all.
Trump’s evangelical supporters’ declarations that Trump was chosen by God (and their dangerous belief that any criticism of him constitutes disobedience to God) only feeds Trump’s malignant narcissism. Although he may not himself even believe in God (though I can’t prove this), the fact that so many people believe he was specially selected by God to usher in His kingdom must give him some pretty intense narcissistic supply. Anyone who is familiar with NPD knows that the more narcissistic supply you give to a narcissist, the worse and more abusive they get. Trump evangelicals are feeding and nurturing a monster.

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  1. The Bibles were probably not his idea, but suggested by one of his handlers. Why would he even think of any book on his own (except his own)? Thinking about his need for narcissistic supply, I remembered the monstrous plant in “Little Shop Of Horrors” demanding, “Feed me!”. And, what becomes of those who are seduced into supplying the insatiable hunger of the vampire? They become either the slaves of the monster (like the insect eater, Renfield), or monsters themselves. In his appearance before the Oversight committee, Michael Cohen has been compared to poor Renfield, and as the ghost of Jacob Marley addressing Scrooge.

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    • I agree with you. I bet it was one of his “spiritual advisers” like the disgusting Paula White or Robert Jeffress who told him to do this. They are definitely part of his cult and help promote it. “Handlers.” Ha! I like that. It’s exactly what they are.

      Yes! I can definitely see the comparison to the maneating plant in Little Shop of Horrors! That made me giggle a little, thanks!

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  2. Signing them on the front of it as if he were the author. Jesus only is the AUTHOR and finisher of our faith. Blasphemy is the only word for it. These people are selling their souls. Revelation states that the even the elect will be deceived. The Franklin Grahams and Jerry Falwells are leading people to perdition and they have no idea of what they are doing.

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    • I agree completely. They are so convinced WE are the ones who are being deceived. It boggles the mind that they are so blind to what is so obvious to most. How to tell they are the ones being misled? Look at the fruit their leaders are bearing. It’s rotten to the core.

      If you believe in biblical prophecy (I’m not sure I do but it seems ever more plausible at the moment), Trump has *every* characteristic that describes Satan. I’m not saying trump is the antichrist (in fact I don’t think he is, being too needy and bumbling) but he’s definitely NOT doing the work of God. The Bible says NOTHING about a “special person” being sent here to open up God’s kingdom and it’s not of this earth anyway.

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  3. Thank you so much for writing this. I am surrounded daily by people who love and deeply believe in this atrocious human being. I was raised in a devoutly religious home. I have always held to my strong spiritual beliefs but now question that I am even really a Christian at all by the actions of these so called “Christians” who fall at the feet of this monster. I believe the majority of us are deeply troubled and worried for our nation, even many Republicans, if they were honest. We truly are living in very dangerous times. My prayers are completely focused on our nation and our precious democracy so dearly fought for.

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    • I hear you. No, I don’t think what these Christians practice is real Christianity, but many fundamentalist/pentecostal/evangelical churches have been infiltrated and poisoned by the “prosperity gospel” and now the cruel doctrine of dominionism. Most televangelists are suspect too.

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  4. Thank yuo for writing this post. I think I will follow you for a while and I may follow some of the others that you suggested in this post. Although I am extremely critical of Tr-p and his supporters, my most recent posts have attempted to shy away from criticisms per chance I can reach some of those people, but I do applaud those who do criticize and I still do on occasion. By the way, I spelled his name themway I did because of my distain for who he is. And I do have a problem with those preachers who preach to their congregations each Sunday and do not call him out. I have not heard Chuck Swindoll, John MacArthur, Tony Evans or any others call him out. What a dis-service

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