False Idol: Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump

There must be thousands of articles written about Donald Trump’s strange hold on the religious right, and the cultlike devotion so many evangelicals show toward him.   But this article from Rolling Stone, written from the perspective of someone who was raised in a Southern evangelical family that now is firmly in the Trump camp, may be the best written I’ve seen.  I also like the fact the author has given a short history of how the Christian Right came to be, even though a century ago, Christianity was much more aligned with the political Left (the “social gospel”).

False Idol:  Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump



4 thoughts on “False Idol: Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump

  1. i just found this blog while searching for art of wrinkle in time and your post about “trumpism” and wrinkle in time made me so fucking confused, exhausted and irrationally angry that i just HAD to make a post. i get that you don’t like the Guido in the high chair and that’s fine, but reading through your blog and seeing a whole section dedicated to “orange man bad” just shows this almost autistic level of fixation on a political figure. this is almost as bad when obama was in office and there were entire forums dedicated to bashing him. it is so pointless and goes beyond just being catharsis. its just insanity. constant droning and moaning about trump. that’s the whole blog. its bizarre and pointless. i get that it is YOUR blog and YOUR domain and im speaking high treason by making this post, but fuck me these are some bad takes. this reaches hard.

    i just had to share my thoughts.


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