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Good morning, fellow bloggers! I’m taking a page out of Opinionated Man’s book of tricks and asking you to share your blog, favorite post, or most recent post here. I also feel like it’s time to pay it forward for all the help I received when I was new to blogging. This blog gets enough traffic now that posting your link here should give you a small boost in hits.

If I’m really impressed by your article or blog, I may reblog it or write a short post about your blog. So let’s see what you’ve got.
If this experiment has a good turnout I may do more of these in the future.


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    • I was trying to share the article that you wrote with my song. That was really exciting for me, because it reflected this entire previous year, in which we shared together through blogging, phone conversations and text.

      I couldn’t find a way to share the article without copying this way. You have to click on the link in the photo image to get to the article.

      Maybe you have a way of fixing that into a direct link?

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  1. Finally, this is our youtube. I can’t believe we finally figured out how to link music to a single photo on a YouTube.

    I have a few wonderful things to share in 2016.

    To start: I will be sharing the next studio recorded song called, “Psychopathic Stalker Girl”. This song is a fist punch punk song with a dance beat.

    To describe the sound: If the B52s got together with the Go Go’s and had a baby…you’d have, “Psychopathic Stalker Girl”.

    Coming: There are 4 more studio recorded pop songs recorded and being mixed in the studio.

    We have a video proposal for “Its In Your Head”. I am masking (mapping) out the script.

    Finally: We are working on a full album called: ” The 12 Masks of Mary ”

    Thats the plan for 2016!!

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      • Between being busy writing and publishing articles I lost my email capability on here and the reader showed very few of my original friends. Orbb helped me fix by writing to WP and at 3 AM the other night the emails came pouring in. LOL! I am still around though.

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  2. And if your up to paste the youtube in the original article….that is the youtube link to, “It’s In Your Head”.

    Thank you…for being such a loving and giving friend. I look forward to more of our conversations and dear friendship.

    You are a beautiful person and friend. Empathy is such a beautiful human quality…


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  3. Hmm. I wrote and posted something on my blog a few hours ago that is very dark. It’s something I have been trying to write for over forty years, but I could never get through the whole story until now.

    I was going to post the link to that piece here, but it is so dark, I think maybe I shouldn’t. So I will post the link to my blog, instead. If anyone wants to read my dark post, it is currently my latest post, published on December 12, 2015.

    Here is my blog:

    It’s nice that you are doing this, Lucky.

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    • I just read it and wish I could comment, but….WOW! I had no idea. I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad. Your mother sounded like one sick puppy. Incredible. You are very strong for surviving through such a hellish childhood and being where you are now, sharing this with the world. I think you are an incredible writer, btw. I think your book could be a bestseller tbh. You had me on the edge of my seat!

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          • Oh… thank you! Your encouragement means a lot. Writing my story is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I’ve done some hard things. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But people (birds?) like you help keep me going. ❀

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            • I can only imagine how hard it must be. Living through those events was bad enough, but then reliving them so you can record them? No wonder you feel like giving up sometimes, and no one could blame you if you did. But the fact that you lived through all of it, yet didn’t give up hope, and you kept on trying to become the person you somehow knew you could be… that’s what’s amazing and inspiring and encouraging and uplifting. Just thinking about what it could do for other people whose lives seem hopeless makes me think it’s a worthwhile thing to do. Of course, that’s easy for me to say; nothing is ever impossible to the person who doesn’t have to do it. πŸ˜‰

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    * This is an article I found today. If your dating someone this is a good checklist to sort out how you feel in the relationship.

    I also think its wise to self reflect using the list, because all people have idiosyncrasies and levels of Narcissism in regards to specific behaviors. There is a difference between issues and full blown Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I saw a statistic that pointed out that around 16% of the population has an imbalance in regards to their Narcissism… leaning to 1% of the population suffering from the Disorder full blown. My belief is their is a Spectrum from 1 to 10, At 5 being balanced and neutral.

    Anyway this is a great article to reflect and self reflect.

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    • If “normal” or “healthy” narcissism is on the spectrum (and it’s usually placed at the bottom) then almost everyone except total doormats are on the N spectrum somewhere. The halfway point is NPD; above that is Malignant Narcissism (but I think of MN as NPD+ASPD). At the top is sociopathy (psychopathy you are born with-it has to do with brain chemistry).
      Below NPD are DNP (destructive Narcissistic Pattern disorder, which I have–my therapist told me I’m high in narcissism but not enough to be NPD, thank God), then below that people who are just sort of full of themselves but not really narcs, and at the bottom, “healthy” narcissism. But I’ve seen other versions of the spectrum also, where anything lower than DNP or NPD is not on the spectrum and there’s another that believes all Cluster B is on the same spectrum (even though I don’t know how that works since BPD, ASPD and HPD have symptoms that are not part of NPD and vice versa. It’s all just conjecture anyway and isn’t an exact science and never will be.

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        • I don’t think it’s that exact and I haven’t seen numbers assigned to different levels. But I put imaginary numbers there-to me, baseline is zero–so “healthy narcissism” is 0-2; slight narcissism would be 2-3; people with narcissism but not enough to be NPD would be 3-4; mild NPD 4-5; moderate NPD 5-6; severe NPD (but still not malignant) would be 6-7; malignant narcissism 7-8; sociopathy 8-10 or so. That’s just what I think it would look like. People with little to no narcissism would be the doormats and they’d have be a negative number up to the baseline of O.


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