Bullying, slander, plagiarism and lies.

libel slander

I was going to let this matter drop, but here was my first Mother’s Day present when I woke up this morning. The following is so outrageous it deserves to be called out in a separate post.

One of the flying monkeys wrote this to mock my rant.
It was followed by this comment from the author:
“If any litigious individuals want to fuck with me, get familiar with the term summary judgment.”
[The post has been removed so don’t bother clicking on the link.]

I had no idea the hatred was this severe or the individuals involved this malignant.

I also read a comment saying my writing makes no sense. It just doesn’t stop. In fact, this proves it’s gotten worse.

This is online bullying. There’s nothing nicer you can call it. And it is not okay. It’s this sort of piling on and bullying that drives people to suicide. I don’t care how much you disagree with a blogger or how outrageous you think their post is, what they are doing is EVIL. What’s worse is that God and religion is being used to justify the bullying. Bible verses being toted out to justify cruelty. I can’t speak for God, but I doubt He would approve.
I pray these people wake up and realize how evil their behavior is.

Oh, and by the way, I did not “steal” the linked article. I LINKED to it. I might have a case for plagiarism should I choose to pursue this matter.

If they are trying to get me to take this blog down, it’s not going to work.
These people act like they are blameless, perfect in God’s (and their own) eyes, and their sh*t doesn’t stink.
So sorry to have to start the day with a post like this. I did not want to.

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  1. The author of that blog was one of those who bullied me half to death a couple of years ago. I can’t even bring myself to click on the link, sorry. But you might want to take a screenshot of it to keep as evidence. Once the little pig sobers up he may delete or rewrite it.

    Love you.

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      • Going by what I remember of the little pig — I am calling him that because a cute little pig was his avatar picture back when I knew him online, in 2012; I have no idea if it still is — Q aka Doug drank a lot. I really liked him at first, because his mother and my mother could have been twins. I’ve never met anyone else, online or off, whose momster was so like mine. But then, after a couple of months of us being great online pals, Q-pig and his minions turned on me like a pack of howling wolves, because in I said something that was wrong. And I really, truly, definitely was in the wrong. When I realized my mistake I admitted it and apologized profusely. But that wasn’t good enough, oh no, I was now EVIL in their eyes and I deserved to be UTTERLY DESTROYED.

        But God had different plans for me. Today my life, though far from perfect, is better than it ever was.

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        • If you’d like to email me about what happened, I would like to hear about what happened and what you said that made him and his minions so angry.
          You are such a good person, it’s hard to believe anyone would do that to you.
          Yes, he still does use the little pig. Yes, they are like a pack of howling wolves.
          People so trapped in their hatred they have become narcissists themselves.
          See this: (great website btw):

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      • I often thought he was a drinker because of his over use of song lyrics to make posts. Four drinks in you can read lots of rubbish into just about any ole tune. Lack of talent often drives writers to rely on things like lyrics, poems and oh yeah , the occasional violence porn shot to garner attension. Shock jocks aren’t telented , just desperate and lonely. (Pardon me , while I wipe a tear)

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  2. Good Lord… that left me rather speechless! … best just to ignore that guy and block him, he is certifiable! … on the plus side, be it positive or negative, at least you have everyone talking and your blog is becoming famous! , just keep writing and don’t ever be silenced by these crack pots.

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    • I can’t block him because I’m not on blogger but if he tries to comment here, I can not approve his comment and also check his IP address if need be (like if he uses a sockpuppet account to comment) He probably is too much of a coward though.
      I don’t think he has any idea who he’s fucking with here.

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  3. You know you’re doing something right when your work is so powerfully right it inspires those most depravedly addicted to darkness to use snuff imagery to detract attension away from it. What a moron.

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    • Yes, when I read it I couldn’t believe how much hatred I felt emanating from the article. It was like a noxious smell. It took my breath away. I don’t care how angered he was, something is very wrong with anyone who would write such a thing. This is a dangerous group of people. I had no idea. I sure do now.

      This is why holding onto hate is so insidious and damaging, especially to the person nursing their grudge. It leads people to write things like this.

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    • Yes. I love the way this obvious MN is so angered by my little article that talked about not demonizing all narcs. They’re projecting their own narcissism so far they could drill a hole to China.

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    • You know what, Alex, you are right. But for the grace of God, I could be right there. When I share some of the things my mother did, like trying to gas us all to death when I was a kid, and having an affair with my first husband — most people react like I must be totally out of my mind and making it all up, because no mother is THAT bad. Well, Q’s mother was that bad, and he has newspaper clippings to prove it. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to have a few truly kind and caring people help me through the roughest times in my life, there is no telling where my head would have gone.

      Also, thanks to AA, although it is a flawed program full of flawed people, like everything else in this world, I haven’t had a drink of alcohol since January 14, 1990. I shudder to think what I would be writing online if I had been drinking all these years. Heck, I doubt if I would still be alive.

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        • It helps that I have an awesome loving aunt — my mother’s younger sister — who was also abused by my mother when they were kids. Oh that reminds me I need to text a Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet aunt-moms.

          By the way, I met a lot of users/abusers/narcissists in AA, too. Seems to be a place that draws them. The main thing I learned: if you are a woman looking to get sober, AA is a good place to do it, as long as you don’t DATE AA men. YIKES!! Also stay away from the women who think that God died and left them in charge of your life!!!

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      • Thanks for sharing that Alaina. Youre truly an inspiration. That was my draw to Q too. I would have been buried in the back yard if they thought they could’ve gotten away with it. Qs mom is my dad, only female. Maybe that’s why we are both readers of Otter. We both can’t focus on the venom any longer. Haunted maybe , but not hopelessly controlled by these evil families.

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        • Isn’t it funny the way people who had such similar experiences growing up with MN or psychopathic parents can turn out so different? Some victims turn to narcissism themselves, while others like yourself retain a heart and a conscience.

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      • Alaina,
        Gas you all to death and the other thing! Good grief! How horrid! I am sorry. I am glad you are ok in spite of the horror you went through. Jesus!

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    • I will send you an email in a day or two about what I went through with that crew in 2012. I don’t like to revisit the evil or spread mean gossip, but since you are now the target I figure it might be good for you to know.

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  4. I tried clicking on the link and it had been removed. I peruse the comments people leave for me. Nobody seems to get too angry as most of my posts are make up related, but that does suck. He’s probably some 40 year old living in his mom’s basement.

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        • Now he says I’m backpeddling out of the drama because I am “losing my argument” and “losing viewers.” I call BS on that. I have 917 views so far today, my best day ever. Sure, a few are probably from the minions of hate who want to see what all the drama and fuss was about but all this is unintentionally bringing this blog more viewers than ever before and I’m positive not all of them are flying monkeys and bullies. So he’s dead wrong and making ass-u-me-ptions again.

          As for me leaving the drama behind, it’s what I wanted anyway. I just want to be left alone by these…people. I want to post about things that matter to me, not this stupid high school hate fest. I’ve already stated that numerous times.

          So, thank you, Piggy Q, for helping publicize this blog. I would bet my entire paycheck that was not your intention, but I thank you sincerely, sir.

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          • What cornfedcontessa said about Q probably being some “40 year old living in his mom’s basement” made me chuckle, because in some ways, it isn’t that far from the truth (although he’s in his 50s, I think, or maybe early 60s). But then I started thinking about what I know of his back story and…. I stopped laughing.

            I was a follower of Q’s blog for several months in 2012. What I learned then about the things he went through when he was growing up was absolutely horrifying. I suppose it’s possible that he may have made up some or even all of his story, but I doubt it. Coming from a horrific set of parents myself, I recognized the ring of truth in the things he said. Q’s sister was posting on his blog quite a bit when I was a follower, and the things she said backed up the things he was saying, or at least she did not contradict him. He also had photos of old newspaper clippings on his blog which corroborated some of his story.

            And it was a REALLY BAD story. Not that any of this excuses his drunken hate-mongering insanity. But it does, I think, explain it. I also saw a soft side to Q in those days. So my heart goes out to him… although I think he may potentially be very dangerous.

            Here is what I remember of Q’s story. (My memory isn’t perfect by any means, so please take it with a grain of salt.)

            Q was his mother’s golden child, at least part of the time while he was growing up. My impression, from some of the comments his sister posted on his blog, was that she had been their mother’s scapegoat.

            When Q and his sister were kids, their mother was arrested for murder and went to trial… that’s where the newspaper clippings came in. In the end she was found not guilty, or maybe it was a hung jury and they didn’t retry, I’m not sure. But Q and his sister had seen and heard enough to believe that their mother was definitely guilty, at the very least of conspiracy to commit murder.

            The story gets worse. Their father, who stuck by their mother through her murder trial, finally wised up to the fact that she had been having multiple affairs behind his back for years. (She used to flaunt her lovers and her body in front of her kids, according to Q.)

            Ultimately their father committed suicide. If I remember correctly, he shot himself in their front yard after an argument with their mother. Q was there when it happened. (This part of the story is a little fuzzy in my memory. I hope I’m not confusing Q’s story with that of someone else – I don’t think I am.)

            I also remember Q telling me once that when he, Q, was a very little boy – I think he said he was four when this happened – his dad set him on the railing of a balcony on an upper floor of a tall skyscraper — let go of him – and then made fun of Q’s fear that he might fall. I forget how many stories up Q said he probably was. Twenty stories, I think! When Q told me this story, he said he has often wondered if his dad was actually hoping that Q might “accidentally-on-purpose” fall to his death.

            Several years before his mother’s death, when I think Q was going through a divorce, or else he had just lost a job, or maybe both of those things were happening, Q moved in with his mom, ostensibly to help her out in her declining years. Her memory was going, and when she couldn’t find something she would blame Q for deliberately misplacing or hiding it. As I recall, the final straw came when he did not adjust her window blind correctly (or else he did not move fast enough to suit her) and she basically flipped from hot to cold and cast him into outer darkness forevermore, where his scapegoat sister had already spent most, if not all, of her life.

            I remember Q saying something along the lines of: “…and I was like, REALLY? After all I’ve done for you, after all I’ve overlooked, after all my years of loyalty – really, this is all it takes for you to throw me away?”

            I related very strongly to Q back when I first knew him, because his parents and my parents could almost have been two sets of identical twins. So it really hurt when he turned on me. When this guy turns on you, it’s like hell has opened up.

            PS: Lucky Otter, if for any reason you don’t think my comment with all this info should be here, please feel free to delete it. I promise I won’t be unhappy if you do.

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            • I’ll let it stay for now, but if I hear flack from Q about it, I’ll delete it.

              Wow, anyway, what a horrible story. I feel badly that he had to go through that, as mean as he is. It sure does explain why he acts like he does though. No child should ever have to go through something like that. His mother sounds like she was a somatic MN. His father sounds like a psychopath but possibly in thrall to his mom. It sounds like his father hated him and was jealous of him for being his mother’s GC.

              It reallly does suck when someone you thought was a friend and who confided in you suddenly turns on you. Sometimes it’ so hard to know who you can trust. It;s one of the most painful things, and you do grieve almost as if the person died only it’s worse in a way because there’s also the sting of betrayal and rejection.

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            • Yes, it did feel like a death. Basically what happened was this: I had just started a new medication and wasn’t thinking clearly. While my head was in a fog, I left a critical comment on the blog of one of Q’s long-time ACON friends, expressing an opinion that I still believe was possibly correct — however, it was absolutely Not My Place to say anything critical to that blogger about what she was writing on her own blog. Even worse, I did an uncharacteristically chicken sh*t thing…. I posted my opinion… anonymously! (I still can’t believe I did that.) The next morning, when I saw the blogger’s extremely upset reaction to my anonymous criticism – I realized then, not only how wrong I was to leave that critical remark – I also realized how wrong it was to leave it anonymously, because she had assumed that my anonymous remark had been left by her mother, or else by one of her mother’s flying monkeys.

              With my heart pounding in my throat I immediately posted an apology on her blog, using the online name they all knew me by. I admitted that I was the stupid jerk who had left that critical comment, not anyone from her family. I also explained that I had just started a new medication which seemed to be scrambling my brain and interfering with my judgment…. although, I said, I didn’t feel right trying to “excuse” my hurtful behavior on a tiny pill. That’s like a drunk trying to say he isn’t responsible for what he does. It’s a cop-out, in my opinion. Ultimately, I said, I felt that *I* was to blame, not a drug. I should have been stronger than that drug! And indeed, when I saw how much my criticism had hurt her, my conscious did become stronger than the drug and I knew how wrong I had been.

              Within minutes of me posting my admission of guilt, the missles and hand grenades and bombs started falling. I was judged, labeled, diagnosed – every comment and every post I had ever written was dissected and analyzed. Basically, an autopsy was performed on me while I was still alive and conscious. But as bad as their hate hurt, the worst part was knowing that my own stupidity had started it!

              Even so, the bullying I got from these people was WAY out of proportion, in my opinion, to my mistake. Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” Whether a person believes in Christ or not, wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone lived by those words!

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  5. Wow this is like watching Celebrity Deathmatch. In the blue corner… lucky otter… in the red corner…. delusional dude who writes posts comparing people he doesn’t even know to Hitler and then takes them down…. haha

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  6. Maybe he’ll counter with a close up of baby seals being clubbed. Since he’s such a class act. One things for sure, his blowing hot air into the empty void will never stop. It’s what he’s always done. It’s what he’ll always be. A true warning example of self pity grown into pathological grime.

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