Blogging – Be Flattered by Trolls


Yes, trolls can be good for your ego! I sure needed this today. Thanks, OM!

And, while on that topic, I want to personally thank my own trolls and bullies who have been dogging me the past week or so. My views are going through the roof because of you! Every time you click on a post of mine so you can drone on and bloviate about how much everything I say pisses you off, I make money from you! Thank you kindly. 😉

13 thoughts on “Blogging – Be Flattered by Trolls

  1. Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’
    Keep those insults rollin’
    You like to lie
    You like sneer
    And my hits just growing !

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  2. Hi. I left you the article I wrote. Its in your email. I took a few hours to write it. Its about the IQ placement tests… And cerebral narcissism. I think your going to enjoy the article.

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      • Oh…I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. It brings forth brand new outlook on intelligence and education.

        I wrote the article for you tonight. I completed both verses in the 2nd song I’m writing. Song #1 is being worked on by my drummer to put real drums in the preproduction recording. Its very commercialised. All the guys think I sound like Joan Jett in it. I wasn’t trying to sound like her. I guess that’s what an east coast female punk rocker sounds like.

        Song #2 I’m working on is written about a female Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD and became homeless in LA. I use to write her all the time so that she could share her stories. Her name is Debra and she is into Shaminism. That song has a beautiful nice 60s sounding melody. Easy listening and catchy.

        Song #3 is a heavy metal hard core song written about the serial killer Hollywood called Monster. I have some lyrics worked out already. But this Sunday I’ll indulge on some Aileen W. Documentaries. Not so easy listening. It sounds like metal and hard core punk like The band called the Dead Kennedy’s.

        Anyway so much for trolls. Lol….I’m totally of topic.

        My songs are all about various women.

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        • I think it’s a great article, Mary. It really made me think.
          Your song writing sounds really cool and interesting. I like hard rock and old school punk and new wave. I’m familiar with the Dead Kennedys, not much of a fan though.

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          • The Dead Kennedy’s became the Gutanomo School of Medicine band. They all live in San Francisco. Do you remember when Jello Biafra ran against Reagan in the Green Party? He also ran against Senator Dianne Fionstein. He did funny thinks on the campaign trail to get attention. My favorite song early on were MTV get off the Air, Jockarama and Soup is Good Food. The lyrics are hysterical. This past summer I was in Asbury Park and I saw that they were playing soon, and so I got a ticket and went by myself. (I saw the Dead Kennedy’s in City Gardens in Trenton over 30 years ago with my older brothers). Anyway… this summer I saw them. I was brave and I hung out near the stage in the mash pit. I met Kimo ball the guitarist who I am absolutely madly in love with…like a teenager with a pop star crush. His guitar playing is incredible and he is so full of energy on stage. I want to be reincarnated as Kimo Ball in my next life. He’s not too known. He’s really not that famous.

            As for that night this past summer. It was at that concert I networked and that night changed my life. I met the people at that concert who lead me into the band I’ve put together and musicians that surround me today. It must of been Kimos energy. It changed my life.

            I am glad you like the article. It all started with a conversation I had with my brother about people who think they are smarter and shutting other people’s conversations down.

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