I am seeing pinecones everywhere. I love stepping on them and hearing that satisfying crunch under my feet. Stepping on pinecones is a great stress reliever, and at the same time it helps them release their seeds.

If that sounds crazy, try it. You’ll instantly feel better. I’m serious. It’s almost as good as bubble wrap.

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      • We didn’t even have tender feet. Our feet were tough as nails, because we didn’t wear shoes unless we HAD to wear shoes. We could run down grandma’s gravel driveway with no problem. But if you stepped on a pine cone, 100% of the time that thing would land right in the middle of your foot, on the part that never touches the ground. that’ll make you pay attention where you’re going!


        • I remember my feet were a lot tougher as a child– I ran around barefoot most of the time. I used to be able to walk or even run on gravel. Not anymore.
          A pine cone in the soft part in the middle of your foot would be excuricating

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