11 songs about Borderline Personality Disorder

Everyone who reads this blog knows I’m a huge music fan, so I thought I’d start a series of songs about the experience of being Borderline (or being in relationships with Borderlines), as I already have with songs about Narcissism.

Here are 11 songs to get started. I’ll do another one of these later.
I tried to include the lyric videos whenever possible.

1. Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

A huge 2005 comeback hit by the alternative rock band. I think this song really captures the horror and loneliness of what it’s like to have BPD.

I’m walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind
One the borderline of the edge and where I walk alone
Read between the lines what’s fucked up and everything’s alright
Check my vital signs to know that I’m still alive and I walk alone
I walk alone
I walk alone
My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there would find me
Til then I walk alone

These lines pretty much say it all. It’s a great song.

2. Three Days Grace: I Hate Everything About You

The early 2000’s seemed to have a surplus of songs that described Borderline-like mental conditions. Three Days Grace seemed to specialize in these sort of songs. Here is a song that describes the “splitting” (black and white thinking) Borderlines tend to do in relationships, as well as idealization/devaluation of a lover.

3. Katy Perry: Hot and Cold

A poppier, less serious song about the crazymaking rapid mood swings and tendency toward splitting Borderlines tend to do and the instability of their relationships. Here, Perry is singing to her BPD lover. (Although the word “Bipolar” is mentioned in the song, the lover’s moods swing too rapidly for it to be Bipolar I Disorder, which is characterized by long-term severe mood changes.

4. David Nail: Whatever She’s Got

The bro-country singer seems to be singing about his girlfriend who displays the unpredictable rapid mood swings of someone with BPD.

5. The Offspring: Self Esteem

Classic early ’90s rocker about a guy who may be a Borderline who appears to be involved with a girl with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Or she could be an abusive Borderline. It’s hard to tell. Anyway, they’re both pretty messed up in the head. I’d say their relationship is doomed. Enjoy the tune.

6. Meat Loaf: Paradise By The Dashboard Light

1978 classic rock song about a guy who appears to be dating a girl who has BPD (or is just extremely demanding and high maintenance, which probably indicates BPD or Histrionic personality disorder anyway).

The girlfriend’s lyric:
Stop right there!
I gotta know right now, do you love me?
Will you love me forever? Do you need me?
Will you never leave me?
Will you make me so happy for the rest of my life?
Will you take me away and will you make me your wife?
I gotta know right now before we go any further
Do you love me? And will you love me forever?
What’s it gonna be, boy? Come on
I can wait all night
What’s it gonna be, boy? Yes or no
What’s it gonna be, boy? Yes or no

7. Hurt: Johnny Cash

Some of the most eloquent (and depressing) descriptive lyrics ever. Warning: this song may be extremely triggering.

8. Meredith Brooks: Bitch

The lyrics tell it all. No further editorializing necessary.

9. Radiohead: Creep

The “creep” in this song has either BPD or possibly covert (“vulnerable”) Narcissism. He seems to be severely conflicted between dismally low self esteem and pathological envy. He idealizes his lover and hates her for being “more” than he is. Whatever disorder he has, the self hatred and excruciating pain of his disordered mind is evident.

10. Hole: Doll Parts

The lyrics to “Doll Parts” mirror “Creep” in many ways, especially the idealization/pathological envy of qualities she idealizes, and her desire to “even the score.” Once again, the subject of the song could be either Borderline or NPD. (Courtney Love actually has a BPD diagnosis).

11. Jason Mraz: Beautiful Mess

A tender ballad sung to his obviously Borderline lover.


78 thoughts on “11 songs about Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Haha…when I went to click on,…I hate Everything About You…I thought I was going to hear the song by Ugly Kid Joe.

    I think you should post that one too. It’s actually uplifting and full of energy.

    Another good one is: The Dangerous Type by The Cars.

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    • Wow, really? That’s cool if a list like this can help you deal with someone better.
      I’ll look into that Alanis/Meredith Brooks song. I never heard it before and found it mentioned on Psychforums as being about BPD and was credited to Alanis.


      • Yep, definitely not Alanis. I’m a huge fan of hers and was really into pop music when “Bitch” came out and it’s definitely by Meredith Brooks. Alanis is a MUCH better songwriter and singer (IMHO).

        Anyway, I am really coming to grips with my dad having BPD and am processing how it’s affected me over the years. It’s awful because my dad is a kid at heart (not in a good way) and can’t recognize me as in individual. I can see why narcissists often get confused with BPD because the level and type of damage is similar except my dad absolutely CAN and often does feel empathy for others but he can’t see past his own fears of abandonment to love me like a father should.

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        • As much as it pains me to say this, due to all the reading I’m doing I’m finding more and more similarities between NPD and BPD. They are more alike than similar. 😦 (and I can’t stand narcs).
          James Masterson believes healing–not just treatments like CBT/DBT is possible for both disorders, unlike so many who insist all cluster B’s are “hopeless.”
          I am sorry about your dad. 😦

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  2. I had Hurt (sung by Cash) as one of my “mood” songs in a previous post. I also identify with Three Days Grace quite a bit.

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    • Oh and Paradise by The Dashboard Light is awesome…

      Speaking of Meatloaf…
      I think the lyrics to the song 2 out of 3 ain’t bad is disgusting…

      I want you…
      I need you…
      But there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna love you..
      But don’t feel bad…
      Cause 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

      If anyone every tells you that?? Tell them to jump in a lake…

      Those lyrics are about some dude that has a crushed ego so he Malignantly screws over women to get over on them because some lady dumped him sooo many years ago. How stupidly Narcissistic…

      And its a common excuse Narcissists make to cover up their defects. They rag on about their ex to the point where you just want to tell them to shut up…get over it….and move on…

      So what? She dumped you 5 years ago??

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      • I never thought of “2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad” that way! What a dick, right? I think I’ll be adding that one to my next collection of songs about narcissists. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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      • I was going to suggest Meatloaf’s 2 out of 3.

        Funny thing, Meatloaf’s mother-in-law, Virginia, was a good friend of mine when I lived in Pennsylvania 15 or so years ago. She and I belonged to the same club and would go to lunch together. She told me some crazy stories about her famous son-in-law! She called him Meat, I called him hamburger. πŸ™‚

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        • Haha…that’s funny. There is a woman on my Facebook… That is a blues guitarist in a band that sang with him. Her name starts with CJ. I saw her play and I met her before. She’s really good.

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          • Meatloaf’s daughter Pearl is an amazing singer. She was singing with Motley Crue, the last I knew. Pearl’s awesome voice is what cemented my friendship with Virginia. I was in the club one day when Virginia came running in looking for somebody to listen to a new CD that her granddaughter had sent her in the mail. Virginia was so excited, she wanted to share the experience with someone, she didn’t care who. I happened to be the only one there so Virginia grabbed me by the arm and said, “Come on, you have got listen to my granddaughter sing!”

            I went with Virginia out to her car, and she played the CD. Pearl was singing a solo, a ballad called My First True Love. I think that was the title.

            Oh my goodness, Pearl’s voice was so achingly beautiful, and the lyrics were so moving, that I began to cry! When Virginia saw that I had been moved to tears listening to her granddaughter sing, she practically adopted me after that. Plus she said that my long thick wild hair reminded her of Pearl’s hair.

            Now that I have a granddaughter going to Harvard, I totally get that kind of pride.

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            • I just checked and yes, Pearl does have an album of her own out. I found her bio on Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Aday

              It says right there in her bio that Pearl was adopted by Meatloaf, who was her stepfather after he married Pearl’s mom, Leslie Edmonds. Virginia had confided in me that Meatloaf was not Pearl’s biological father, but I wasn’t going to mention it because Virginia swore me to secrecy. But now i see the secret is out. So no, Pearl didn’t inherit Meatloaf’s voice. But her real dad was a musician, too.

              Pearl’s half-sister Amanda is Meatloaf’s biological daughter. I don’t know if she also sings, Virginia didn’t talk much about her second grandchild.


            • I’ve thought about doing that, but I have only recently reached the point where my skin doesn’t crawl when I see the ubiquitous FB logo. I was so excited when my siblings got on Facebook. Finally, we could be “friends” and get to know each other without our computer illiterate momster triangulating every conversation. So I sent my sisters friend requests, told them how much I have missed them, and…. although most of my relatives accepted my friend request and said how happy they were to be able to communicate with me…. one morning I logged onto FB and in my newsfeed there was a long conversation between three relatives about me. They were publicly trashing me right there on FB, talking about how “weird” I am, etc.

              I was devastated. When I posted under their comments that they had deeply hurt me, not one person apologized. None of them even responded to me directly. They just made comments to each other about how they were new to FB and none of them had realized that what they thought was a private conversation actually was, so oops. Then another relative, who now clearly knew that I was reading this conversation, chimed in with a comment that said “See, that’s why I never responded to her friend request in the first place, because I didn’t want any of her her drama.”

              HELLO?!?! Who created the “drama?” All I did was post a comment under their bashing conversation that said, in so many words, that their hateful discussion about me had shown up in my newsfeed today, and this HURTS. I disuse bad words, I didn’t call them any names or tell them where to go, I simply stated the facts, that there conversation was in my newsfeed and it hurt me.

              But apparently me saying that I was HURT by my hateful scapegoating family was too dramatic. ….So now, FB itself is a trauma trigger to me. Because, you know… I am “weird” and drama is my middle name. 😦

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            • I’m not really comfortable with Facebook either, Alaina. I have gone back to using it, and I have friends there (it’s where I met Mary) but in general, there’s way too much drama. Too much cyberbullying and general cattiness. You have to be very careful. Not everyone you think is a friend is a friend. They will talk about you behind your back.

              I just read the part about your relatives’ awful conversation about you. That really sucks. 😦 I would have been so hurt. And they couldn’t even own up to it. I had something like that happen to me a few years ago. I accidentally saw a conversation about me in a chatroom that was very negative. I took screenshots of it and confronted the main bully with it, that I knew and had a screenshot of it. She never replied but there were no further conversations either. I guess they got smart after that and found a way for me not to be able to see it.

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            • Hatefulness really sucks. It sucks so bad, my tablet’s autocorrect wants to change the word “hatefulness” to “wakefulness.” πŸ™‚

              The ugliest picture ever taken of me was a selfie I took right after I found my relatives’ mean FB conversation about me. I felt utterly heartbroken. I went to the bathroom and saw how horrible I looked in the mirror. I almost didn’t recognize myself. So I took a selfie, because I wondered if how I looked in the mirror was real or if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The picture does not lie, I looked exactly like the hell I was feeling.

              I always loved my sisters and brothers so much and I was thrilled to friend my siblings on FB. I thought it was the start of a whole new relationship with my family. When they bashed me like that… oh my God…. that was when I finally understood the full depths of my family’s scapegoating of me. Until that moment, I had thought that only my mother hated me, and my siblings had mainly tried to keep quiet and stay out of the crossfire. But no, they hate me, too! Why??? Because they obviously believe our mother’s evil lies about me.

              I was always the loving, protective Big Sissy to my little sisters and brothers. And they had loved me, too. But when my mother jumped at the chance to get rid of me by going against my psychiatrist’s advice and putting me in a state insane asylum when I was 14 — because my jealous mother was afraid her new, good husband might be sexually attracted to me, a CHILD, like my own disgusting sick father had been — my family got very upset with my mother for locking me up in that horrible place, because they did love me. So then my horrible mother “justified” it by telling them evil projecting LIES about me. Which my family apparently believed, I guess because they couldn’t figure out why a would mother lie? My dad’s sexual abuse of me had been kept a secret, and no one else was around to hear my mother tell me to “stay away” from her new boyfriend, who later became my stepdad. No one else heard my mother tell me, when I was only 13, that she could not wait until I was old enough to leave home because “no house is big enough for two women.” So no one else knew the real reason why my mom got rid of me when I had a post traumatic breakdown at age 14. I was quiet, subservient, obedient, very eager to please. I was NOT raging or out of control in any way. There was no reason, like my shrink said, to lock me up, I could easily be maintained on medication and therapy, which our health insurance fully covered. But my mother wanted to be rid of me and she told the worst lies about me to justify it and my family believed her and they have hated me ever since she first told them those lies in 1968.

              THAT is the worst trauma of my life, by far. The evil projecting lies my mother told everyone to justify throwing me away. How do you disprove a lie? Especially a lie that has been believed by an entire family for nearly half a century?

              I want my memoir to set the record straight!

              But will they read it? Will they believe it? Highly unlikely… 😦

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            • They may not believe your memoir Alaina, but who cares? If they don’t they are just projecting or in denial about their abuse of you and the things that happened.

              But you know what? I think writing your memoirs is going to be the most emotionally intense, painful, but ultimately HEALING thing you have ever undertaken in your life. It’s NEVER too late to set the record straight and find out who YOU really are and say fuck you to all the abuse. It had nothing to do with you.
              And that said, I am in a painful place right now myself and it has to do with my disorder.

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            • Thank you, Lucky, I needed this encouragement! I wish I could encourage you too with the painful thing you are going through now, whatever it may be. Let me know if there is anything I can do. I am so behind on my email. If you have sent me anything please let me know here and I will search thru to find it. ((((HUG))))

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          • My friend Virginia Edmonds was Meatloaf’s mother-in-law, not his mother. But yes, she called him Meat. She was a character. Virginia reminded me of the actress who played the matriarch on the old TV show The Big Valley. When people used to make a big deal out of the fact that she was a rock star’s mother-in-law, Virginia would put her hands on her hips, toss her head and declare: “I… was SOMEBODY…. before…. Meatloaf!”

            I never met Meatloaf, but I did have a conversation on Twitter with Virginia’s daughter Leslie a few years ago, after her divorce from Meat. They had been married about 24 years I believe. They separated in 2001. I don’t know if Pearl has an album of her own out, I will check online. I did meet Leslie’s brother, Virginia’s son, he was also in the music business, he set up the sound stage equipment for many of the big rock stars live concerts. But unfortunately I can’t remember his name now. Tall, handsome guy who rode a bike. But he had issues and we didn’t hit it off.


    • It’s hard for me to listen to “Hurt.” It’s not a fun song, but it’s probably the masterpiece of his career. Great art isn’t always “easy” or pretty.
      I used to like Three Days Graces’s music. It was very dark. You never hear music like that on the radio anymore.

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      • There something amazing I realized tonight. The Narcissist I knew changed my life for the better. I’m not sure what his intention really was. I just know that I had a full time job and I was running for public office, I was a Rotarian member.. I was on the state board.. And elks member…a choir member at the church and…I did prison visitation for advocacy. I was even ballroom dancing on top of all that back then. The ballroom dancing was a relief.

        Well you can see. I took on way too much in my life. And I neglected all 3 of my guitars. I hadn’t played them for years. Then I remember on Skype he pulled his guitar out. And I pulled mine out. I knew how to play Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin… so I played part of that song and sang that for him over Skype. Then he would play guitar and try to teach me the different modes and scales on the fret board. So he actually motivated me to play music again. He opened my awareness up and like a vampire…he sucked me up and that literally slowly sucked me away from all the activity that was draining me. So he was sort of like draino and I was a clogged sink.

        He mad me realize I was not in charge of my own life. That the world around me was controlling me. And I ended up doing what I want to do ..which is write songs…be in a band and play music.

        I don’t understand as to why the Narcissist tries to fix you. He’s becomes your savior and your Guru and he becomes pathologically envious once you actually accomplish what he was trying to get you to do.

        A Narc makes no sense….

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        • They never do. Yes, they will pretend to be out for your best interests and you will believe them because dammit, they seem so sincere and you feel so good around them at first. But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. That in itself could be a red flag. It reminds me of the song “Liar” by Henry Rollins:

          You think you’re gonna to live your life alone
          In darkness
          And seclusion
          Yeah I know
          You’ve been out there
          Tried to mix with those animals
          And it just left you full of humiliated confusion
          So you stagger back home
          And wait for nothing
          But the solitary refinement of your room spits you back out onto the street
          And now you’re desperate
          And in need of human contact
          And then
          You meet me
          And you whole world changes
          Because everything I say is everything you’ve ever wanted to hear
          So you drop all your defenses and you drop all your fears
          And you trust me completely
          I’m perfect
          In every way
          Cause I make you feel so strong and so powerful inside
          You feel so lucky
          But your ego obscures reality
          And you never bother to wonder why
          Things are going so well
          You wanna know why?
          Cause I’m a liar
          Yeah I’m a liar
          I’ll tear your mind out
          I’ll burn your soul
          I’ll turn you into me
          I’ll turn you into me
          Cause I’m a liar, a liar
          A liar, a liar

          I’ll hide behind a smile
          And understanding eyes
          And I’ll tell you things that you already know
          So you can say
          I really identify with you, so much
          And all the time that you’re needing me
          Is just the time that I’m bleeding you
          Don’t you get it yet?
          I’ll come to you like an affliction
          And I’ll leave you like an addiction
          You’ll never forget me

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            • Speaking of Henry Rollins… Way back when I was in my early 20’s I think it was the drummer in one of his earlier bands that jammed in our Stereo/CD record store shop in the 80s. Don’t quote me on this one….I’ll ask my brother who I actually saw jam…and I’ll get the real facts. I don’t think Henry Rollins was there… But I’m not sure…he might have been there. When I see my brother I’ll let you all know who played in there that night. We use to have a ticket master and when the concerts went up for sale…people would camp out all night around the store to try to get front row tickets. They use yo leave sofas behind in the parking lot sometimes. Lol

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            • We are almost the same age and grew up in the same area, I miss those days sometimes. I remember when punk rock and new wave were just getting started in downtown NYC. I was part of that back then.


  3. The β€œcreep” in this song has either BPD or possibly covert (β€œvulnerable”) Narcissism. He seems to be severely conflicted between dismally low self esteem and pathological envy. He idealizes his lover and hates her for being β€œmore” than he is. Whatever disorder he has, the self hatred and excruciating pain of his disordered mind is evident.

    I don’t think he seems that disordered. It is only natural for a misfit to envy the cool ones, especially in high school. I don’t think such envy is pathological. It’s natural. Anyone would feel it. I didn’t pick up any hatred for her. He think she’s worthy and he’s not worthy but he wishes he was. You know the song “She’s Like the Wind.” Has the lines “She’s out of my league, Lust a fool to think I had anything she needs.” I have felt that with people I had crushes on who were “cooler” than me.

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    • I was actually thinking the same thing about “Creep” and a few of the other songs too, like the Offspring one. There’s pathological envy in :”Creep,’ which isn’t a known trait in borderlines.

      Covert narcissism is often confused with BPD. C-NPD has been compared to BPD + Avoidant PD. A lot of shy “borderlines” really have covert narcissism. C-NPD has also been compared to Aspergers, and a lot of the covert narcs on the forum thought they were Aspies including me.
      That’s another good argument for all these Cluster B disorders really all being the same disorder–or maybe they’re all just severe PTSD, which I’ve argued for in the past.


      • I feel my last relationship was exactly like that. We were both 35 year old ‘teenagers’ (we were both very very immature for our age; easily manipulated by others; I suspect we both had some kind of BPD). First time she called me her bf, she tried to kiss one of my friends. I was furious but took her back. 2 months of push and pull, and finally I self destructed. The last thing I told her when she kicked me out of her place for being drunk, is that I feel like the song Self Esteem by Offspring.

        After a year, I just realized my first guess was on the spot. I really need to work on my self esteem!!!!

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  4. I’ll bet the shrink who dxed Courtney Love didn’t know she murdered her husband. She seems more like a malignant narc. But the more I think of these Cluster B disorders, the more they seem to bleed into each other. Histrionics act a lot like Narcs. BPD people can be capable of violence as I understand it. You’re the only one I know who has BPD and knows it. So I’ve learned a lot about the disorder from you. But I don’t really see much of it in you, just as you don’t see much psychopathy in me. Sometimes I think all the Cluster B disorders should be seen as one thing.

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    • Fran, I control my symptoms. Actually there are a lot of self aware borderlines but most of them are online. There’s lots of blogs by people with BPD. Yes, many borderlines are violent because they can’t regulate their emotions and tend to fly into irrational rages. They can be more violent than narcissists, that’s why so many BPD women are in prison. They are also more impulsive, like an ASPD.
      I agree there’s a lot of bleeding over between the Cluster B’s and maybe they’re really all the same disorder.


  5. Sia- breathe me
    Natalie Merchant- my skin
    Gary Jules- mad world
    And… When depression strikes….(don’t look up the lyrics in English. It feels so raw when it’s non comprehensive)….
    Zaz- Eblouie par la nuit!
    Self diagnosed BPD, I can only speak for the first 3 and say that the list you’ve compiled is awesome. Zaz, makes me feel so raw, so perfect in my imperfections that I can’t ignore it. But as I said, I can’t speak for the lyrics because I refuse to translate it. I don’t want to know!


  6. As a new music therapy intern working in the mental health population (3 days at a psych ward and 1 day at an eating disorder clinic) it’s great to find this source. Prior to starting my internship I didn’t really know what a BPD was but now I have a better understanding.
    Lyric analysis is often used in these settings so it is really helpful to have blogs such as yours where I can find potential songs to be used in my sessions.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    • Chris, I’m glad you’re finding this blog useful. πŸ™‚ I never heard of lyric analysis being used in therapy. Can you provide a link to some information?


  7. Sure: here is a brief summary of how Lyric analysis is used in MT:


    Lyric Analysis and Lyric Divergence is defined as the expansion from existing songs or lyrics to any broader use, individualized topics, or generalized discussion. Lyric analysis uses live or recorded music to listen to song lyrics and prepare for discussion and counseling. Topics may focus on personal situations with questions about stressors, loneliness, isolation, coping skills, supports, and healthy alternatives to drug/alcohol use or maladaptive behaviors (Silverman, 2010).

    That’s it in a nutshell: using song lyrics to get patients to discuss their difficulties (whatever they may be). You can then use the lyrics or song to have the patients write their own song by taking key lines from the song and having them change them to fit with how they are feeling.

    If you google “Music therapy lyric analysis mental health” you are sure to find a wealth of journal articles about it.
    As a kid, before I started playing music, I always tried to find out what certain lyrics meant. I also used to write poetry (but didn’t every teenager) now being an MT student it’s cool to see how certain songs can help people process different things and hopefully help them in their recovery process.

    Hope that helps!

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  8. Johnny Cash might have made the defining version of “Hurt”, but it’s lyrics are Trent Reznor’s (Nine Inch Nails). Sorry.

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  9. Hey…I’m just reading what we all wrote a while back. Its pretty interesting to read it again and to look at where you are today.

    Boy,… Those Henry Rollin lyrics are fabulous. They are deep, dark and although most people would say, “oh’ what do they mean.” Anyone who has been through Narcissistic abuse gets these amazing lyrics.

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  10. This song brings back memories because my best friend when I was 17 years old was a Psychopath. She was very deviant. I hung around her for a year, and I learned a lot from her. She actually taught me how to be tough and strong. I didn’t understand that she was non-empathetic.

    I remember a crazy game she had me play with her one night. She made double dates with all these boys she hated, and she told them to meet us at the burger king at 7pm. And then she told me to sit with her behind the Burgar King (we had a hiding place) and watch them all show up as she stood them up. So they would all meet each other and be humilated and she would laugh sadistically. She always said, “I hate boys.” But she really hated everyone. I was her Narcissistic supply as long as I adored her and allowed her to devour all the male attention. I was a shy girl. But eventually I began to mimic her ways of flirtation and soon after that,…she discarded me because she became pathologically envious because the boys all wanted to date me and not her.

    This song reminds me of her because once we stayed on a roller coaster ride all night and this song was playing over and over again.

    Today, currently she has accumulated a lot of money in her bank account from her prior divorces and relationships. She has no children.

    One of our mutual friends has just gone through a divorce and he is extremely lonely and vulnerable. She has targeted him and has love bombed him, telling him that she has always been in love with him. She has convinced him to quit his job and relocate to another state. She paid for his airfare and all the expenses. At this point she doesn’t need money, but she is promising my friend a life of money and retirement with her. I know the daughter of this man and she is freaking out because her dad hasn’t seen this woman since his teens.

    This song is about a Psychopath.

    I remember I told my ex (the guy who we call my Narc), about her briefly. And he asked me to send him her photo. He said,… Ohhhh she’s horrible looking. I think her photo scared him.

    Anyway,… Here’s an example of a horrific woman. She did some horrible things to me and other people. She stole my precious jewelry and my favorite clothes.

    The Dangerous Type….

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    • Whoa, what a story! She certainly does sound like a very evil psychopath! At least you know now what you were dealing with. Your friend needs to listen to you, he is likely to fall for her love bombing and promises but she could hurt him bad.


  11. He’s fallen for it. He has been treated poorly by women all through his life. He had a very brutal childhood. He is very sweet and he’s lonely right now. He is the perfect Narcissistic supply for a Psychopath.

    I predict she will gut him out emotionally for the next few years and then discard him. He will walk out with nothing and at this stage of his life,..he needs to focus on his own retirement.

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  12. Hey there, I’m a newly discovered borderline and possibly with schizophrenic or asperger autism. Well my extreme hatred or love emotion have been with me since I was 12, maybe even earlier. Well i digressed, how come u didn’t include “behind blue eyes” by limp bizkit?

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    • Thanks for the suggestion. These are only a small sampling of songs. There are probably hundreds I missed. Maybe in a later post I’ll include the one you suggest.


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