11 guaranteed traffic boosters.

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In my 10 months of blogging, I’ve noticed certain topics generate more traffic than others. Of course I’m sure there are many I have not covered in this blog, but here are the ones I’ve written about that seem to always generate the most traffic. If I need a boost in views, I find writing about these things seems to do the trick every time.

1. Psychopathy/sociopathy — people love reading about bad people. I guess it satisfies the schadenfruede in all of us, or gives expression to our shadow side. Better yet, write about serial killers/mass murderers, or at least include a photo of one.

2. Malignant narcissism — see #1 (not quite as effective though)

3. Cats — it can even be a single picture of your own cat. Cats are like sex in the movies. They sell.

4. Furries — They’re both cool and strange. They are also polarizing (people either love ’em or hate ’em)

5. Desserts/recipes for desserts — we are all still sugar addicted little kids at heart.

6. Sex and romance — use the word “sex” in the title and watch your stats soar.

7. Pretty much anything about Aspergers — because Aspies abound on the Internet. Online, it’s cool to be a socially clueless introverted geek.

8. Anything controversial — You can have unpopular opinions, but be prepared to have haters if you express them. Between the haters and curiosity seekers, your stats will soar. If your blog is monetized, your haters increase your income. Try telling them that. 😉

9. Numbered lists — They’re called “listicles” and they will boost your traffic because people like easy to digest “soundbites” rather than walls of text. It’s one reason why Cracked.com is so popular (besides being an amazingly hilarious website).

10. Cuteness — anything that makes people go “awww” and feel like they have to punch a kitten to feel manly again is going to get you more hits. Cuteness is as addictive as crack. (see #3)

11. Humor — be careful with this one. Your joke has to be genuinely funny. If you’re not a funny person, skip this one.

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      • I’m thinking of writing a blog post about how it feels to get your DNA results from ancestry (dot) com and discover that the DNA you should have inherited from your dad’s side of the family is not there. Because that is what happened to me today.

        I wonder how a post like that would do in the ratings.

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        • Hmm. I just did a search on how accurate the ancestry DNA tests are and found they are accurate but do not tell the whole story, because we only inherit a random 50% of each parent’s DNA. So, if my dad only inherited the Caucasian half of his dad and none of the African half, and if he inherited only the Irish half of his mother but none of the German half, that could explain why I have no German DNA and only a trace of African DNA.

          Either that, or my dad is not my dad. Which would be a weird thing to find out, you know? Very confusing. I am sorry to be writing this off topic stuff here, I am just so… surprised. Most of my life I thought I was 1/8 black and 1/8 German. Now I find I am not.

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          • I had no idea you were part African! That’s so cool though. I’m a mutt myself–Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish (mostly Celtic from both sides), German, French, and a smidgen of Powhatan (American Indian)–supposedly I am related to both Pocohontas and William the Conquerer

            My kids are real mongrels–all of that plus Bulgarian, Alsace, and Italian.

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            • According to my ancestry DNA test results that I got today, I only have a trace, less than 1%, of African (Nigerian) DNA. The amount is so small that the geneticists say it could be a fluke, meaning there may be no African in my ancestry at all. But according to what my dad told me years ago, I should be approximately 1/8 black, even though I don’t look it. So I am confused!

              That would be cool if you are related to Pocahontas and William the Conqueror. I wonder if having an ancestry DNA test could tell?

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            • I’m not sure. I almost joined Ancestry.com but it was too expensive. One day I might though. I’m curious about my heritage because there is so little information about my mother’s maternal side especially (my grandmother immigrated from Ireland when she was a child).

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